Right-wing troll James O'Keefe fails badly at baiting Washington Post with rape lie

I have been saying for years that one of the problems with the press is that they report elections as if they were horse races. It’s all who’s ahead and who’s behind, and not trying to nail down what the policies of the candidates would be so that voters can make an informed decision.


I don’t know if O’Keefe is lazy or stupid or just desperate for willing accomplices, but the woman they hired to do their “sting” dropped such obvious clues and left a really dumb digital paper trail that it was bound to fail. The Post investigated the woman, but apparently O’Keefe didn’t, or didn’t think it mattered. Again, lazy or stupid or desperate, I can’t tell. (Cue “why not both” meme.)

Apparently the newest video he’s released is of employees at the WaPo talking about how the writing on the Opinion page is very opinionated. Ohhhh . . . bombshell.


James O’Keefe has been elevated to Supreme Douche Bag.

A Gold Plated Supreme Douche Bag


Salary in 2016 was $317, 691. Republican sugar daddies have been good to James. It pays to fail it seems.


Two of the last three presidents of the United States have followed the program of being born a rich white men and then failing at everything until they get to the white house.


Here’s something fun.

O’Keefe tweeted a link to a piece on Salon.com. The article attacked him, but O’Keefe included screensnaps that supposed defended him - but weren’t in the article.

Yes, I did just catch him in an obvious lie on Twitter.




I completely understand and share that frustration with politics reported like a team sport.

I will say that at least the Washington Post has been pretty consistently doing substantive reporting on Trump, such as his legal and financial crimes. For most of 2016 they were pretty much the only somewhat prestigious news source actually covering him that way, and not just reporting on the latest outrageous noise coming from his wordhole.


sigh Sometimes lost causes are the only causes worth fighting for.” -Tom Servo


There is a Cold Civil War currently occurring in the United States. This statement has emerged from my consciousness as of late, and I think we haven’t even begun to understand the depth or ramifications. One side, specifically the GOP, is being actively supported by an outside foreign entity, that being Russia. What in the hell is going on?


Aww. She really had her heart set on becoming something of a Bond Girl. But it looks like she’s ending up a Barney from Mayberry.

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That is a very good assessment (or is it evaluation?).
I might have to borrow it from time to time.


Too dumb to hang up the phone. Too dumb to log out or use a fake id when checking someone’s LinkedIn profile.


This miserable little shit.



Not to defend him here, but I think those little quotes are supposed to be his attempt to disprove Salon’s headline of “failing to discredit journalists”-- they’re not “quotes” from the article, they’re him giving a counterpoint to the article. I don’t think Salon would call ACORN a “corrupt…community organizing cartel” for example, nor would he put those words in their mouth since it would give Salon credibility to his audience.

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I will never understand how he avoided jail when he entered a federal building disguised as a telephone repairman. 2 years probation and $1500 fine only.


I can guess that donors probably had some influence.


Hilariously, this is what appears on my screen with your comment:

Mr. Whiskers?!?! What did a newspaper ever do to you?


He was only 26! You can’t treat a white 26-year-old man like they are an adult!

To be honest, though, I think given his intent that’s probably about the right sentence. When someone commits a dumbass crime that doesn’t actually hurt anyone, it’s better to give them a sentence that says, “Hey, dumbass, don’t do that,” than to lock them up.

The injustice of the American justice system isn’t that connected white people are treated to leniently, it’s that everyone else is treated to harshly.

I really hope, though, that when if he commits similar dumbass crimes in the future, the judge will look at his previous conviction and say, “Apparently you can’t take a hint, I think you might need some time in prison to think about that.”