Rihanna ordered from mosque


I’m having trouble picking sides on this one…


This is kind of a non-story, isn’t it? I don’t know what I’m missing. She didn’t coordinate and get approval for photos before going there.


Stay classy, Rhianna.

What do you mean, your religion isn’t a prop for my celebrity?


I’m not.

The mosque did nothing wrong. This is a pretty clear case of one party acting inappropriately against another, and the other responding with reasonable measures entirely within their rights to take.

Perhaps you could expand upon the difficulty you’re having here? Perhaps I missed something.


Perversion is on the eye of the beholder.

And we all know beholders have lots of eyes*!

And an antimagic cone.


It’s a “Famous-Person-Does-Something-Stupid-and/or-Offensive” story - of which there are far too many these days. Is it supposed to show us that since celebrities do stupid and/or offensive things, we should feel okay when us non-celebs do the same thing? Doesn’t she get enough publicity, as it is?

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My “joke” was that there is a side to be picked - that we are all so eager to pass judgment on Muslims (and Rihanna) we don’t realize we shouldn’t bother.

But to take Rihanna’s side, let’s play the “imagine a male pop star getting kicked out of a Mosque” game…

Couldn’t find any other pictures. The one http://instagram.com/p/frCQp4hMyh/ seemed pretty reasonable. That said I don’t see that it matters a lot where they kicked her out of. Not wanted in a restaurant, tourist attraction, or wherever? They’ve got every right to ask you to leave.

She does seem to have problems with her photos doesn’t she? http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/22/rihanna-instagram-photo_n_3971761.html

The rest of the pictures are linked on her Instagram page: http://instagram.com/badgalriri

My guess is that people were bothered by her posing “seductively” ( http://instagram.com/p/fqDpjLhM7B/ and http://instagram.com/p/fqDpjLhM7B/ ) and posing on the ground ( http://instagram.com/p/frABzvBM-k/ and http://instagram.com/p/frABzvBM-k/ ).

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Yeah well… seems the definition of "seductively’ to Islamists is "doesn’t have a penis.’

Once again, I’ll remind us all that showing boobage in a church is absolutely verboten, but showing bloody, tortured, dying people (not just saints or alleged offspring of gods) is deemed A-OK. And that’s just plain sick.


Let’s play the “men posed like women” game: http://jezebel.com/5846916/men+ups-are-so-much-more-than-just-men-posing-like-pin+ups


There is a pretty idiotic anti-female undertone to kicking her out, especially considering she is following their preposterous (and entirely absent from the Koran) dress code.

Basically they’re saying “your looks are making my junk excited, so go away”. It’s not like she was pulling these ones: http://distilleryimage3.ak.instagram.com/e3ac57c836c011e3bad522000ab5bccf_8.jpg


Did these people seek approval for photos? Does being a celebrity take away your rights to behave like other human beings? The girl on the right in this pic isn’t even wearing a hijab.

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When you joke, you need to produce some sort of evidence that you are doing so. This is especially true of the medium of text communication in a blog comment system. Try a smiley next time, or type /sarcasm at the end of the post. Be theatrical about it, so it’s not as easy to misread your intentions. (And yes, I’m guilty of the same problem at times, and I need to tell myself the same thing.)

That said, your next comment confuses me. You seem to be insinuating that Ms. Fenty was removed from the mosque simply because she was a woman - an insinuation I find baffling. What exactly makes you think that the mosque was engaged in sexual descrimination?

I am uncertain of the legal status of a house of worship in the United Arab Emirates regarding whether such a place is consider public of private property, but to my understanding most houses of worship in most religions have the power to dictate who may or may not enter onto their premises, and have the power to dictate what behaviors they deem acceptable of visitors or guests while on those grounds.

Ms. Fenty was presumably granted access to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre on the conditions of her adhering to their particular behavioral requirements, and it would appear that she did not adhere to those requirements and was ejected as a result. The same would be true for anyone acting in such a manner in any religion. You don’t go into a house of worship, defy their rules, and not expect to get expelled.

That’s a wide panoramic shot. It appears photos were being taken of the site without fanfare, and people mulling around, but not making spectacles of themselves. I think the person to the right is male. I can’t really tell.

My point: You don’t need to seek approval to take a photo. There are plenty of pictures of people at this mosque.

Any “fanfare” is a result of her fame, not a result of her deliberately trying to get people to mull around. I love how so many people are happy to revoke her freedom to simply do what everyone else does without question just because she’s famous. These photos are not at all provocative and no one else had to get “approval” for the thousands of photos of this place on Flickr.

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One would assume that the photos you link to do not breach the terms and conditions of entry for the mosque. Photography itself does not appear to be the problem - it is the nature of the specific photography of Ms. Fenty and the nature of the behavior involved in creating it which appears to be the complaint of the mosque.

Ms. Fenty accepted the terms and conditions of entry, and then failed to adhere to them. She agreed to certain rules, then went back on her word.

If someone went into St. Peter’s Cathedral and started taking blasphemous photographs, they’d be ejected too, and no one would bat an eyelash. I fail to see how this situation is any different.