RIP, George HW Bush: a mass-murderer and war-criminal

Ugh. I saw the and feel bad for you, since you look at this dreck so that we don’t have to. If this is the presentable cartoon, I don’t want to see the rest.


Yeah, I was wondering how Clinton and Obama were “worse” than GHW Bush. I think it’s because they committed the transgression of Not Being Bernie?

God knows Reagan certainly wasn’t.


this is about a decade too late, should have been shoved into his family’s face and the rest of the GOP to digest

on a positive note, could we please celebrate Jimmy Carter and his ways as a role model while he is still around to appreciate the appreciation? I don’t understand why the media waits until after someone is gone to note them, it’s pointless then


I don’t think we’ve had a good president in my lifetime. We should lower our standards.

Get over yourself, I get your point, and it’s full on BS.

It also speaks volumes about your character that you can’t see past “office and rank” to see that Bush was a liar and responsible for countless deaths. This polite fiction you want to push off on everyone else is frankly pretty nauseating. You know, that is kind of the whole point of the article that Cory posted.


We are already at the stage of legal exclusion, dehumanisation & escalating violence.


So did my grandfather and he managed to not sell arms to the Iranians and further fuck up Latin America…


Again…good for you and that attitude. And when some liberal bastion passes and the right wing acts like assholes on the day they are buried; you don’t get to bitch and moan how they are disrespectful or somehow lesser than because they can’t put aside that hostility for a mere day.

Enjoy your world in which everyone loses an eye and treats everyone else like shit.

Have a nice day. Leave me out of it.


If that’s what you wanted, you shouldn’t have jumped in feet first.


Seriously; waiting until we get to the very last stage, where mass genocide has been industrialized for efficiency, is an utterly horrible idea.


just put him in the ground already, so we can move on.


Likewise with criticising people who fight against it before it’s too late.

In twenty years we have gone from this getting to number one in the UK charts to people openly saying Franco did nothing wrong.


Demanding “respect for the office” is just another way of insisting that the masses ignore the emperor’s grotesque nudity.


And that’s how we get a race to the bottom of civility, and is used to justify a congressman shouting “YOU LIE” to President Obama during a joint session of Congress.

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He can have as much of my respect as that he showed for the civilians his policies murdered, none.

You are of a different opinion. I’m not going to tell you what to feel or to say on this but appreciate you doing the same.


I don’t see me asking that we show our better selves for 24 hours as “demanding” we do something. Like I said…yesterday…tomorrow…have it with the criticism and harsh reflection to your heart’s content.

Cory did not need to post this piece today. And doing so on this day is bad form in my book based on how I was raised.

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Your insistence on “civility” is just another way of insisting that I only talk about the things you want me to talk about. And that no matter what I talk about, I talk about it only in the way you want me to talk about it.

I see you insisting that my conception of a “better self” be the same as yours.

To me, better selves don’t get caught up in the shitflow of blinkered, jingoistic patriotism. They instead do what they can to at least keep their eyes open to the horrors that they’re constantly told to ignore.

YMMV – why not allow that mine may too?


Fair enough. But when people cannot begin to agree on “hey the line is ultimately here…let’s none of us cross it” I really don’t know where that leaves anyone. No where good IMO.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


OK, I have to go there: is there any world leader this rule would not apply to? Is this an American Exceptionalism thing, where someone rich or crooked or lucky enough to win suddenly becomes untouchable, because “The Office”. So, Reagan and Nixon - let’s pretend they were awesome, for just one day?

What about Thatcher? The spontaneous singing of Ding-Dong the Witch is Dead was undeserved? Where are you going to draw that line? Was it OK that Gaddafi or Saddam bought it? Kim Jong-il? Idi Amin?


Ah, “premature anti-fascists.” As stupid a formulation as “Honorary Aryans”, coming from exactly the same mentality.