RIP James Best, 1926-2015


I could be completely wrong but I always thought Flash was a tip of the hat to Columbo, the idea being that Sheriff Coltrane and the LAPD detective both appeared to be bumbling lawmen–only in one case it wasn’t an act. Having read that Best and Sorrell “Boss Hogg” Booke often ad libbed their own lines it wouldn’t surprise me if Flash was Best’s idea.

Of course what I’ll remember best will always be that laugh.

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From TFA “Best rescued the dog from a pound and brought it to the set at the beginning of the third season, suggesting the sheriff needed a partner. Producers didn’t like the dog, but Best prevailed and she got a role.”


Goody, goody, gumdrop-- oh, no, wait, this is horrible news :o( Thanks for helping make my childhood awesome.

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I am a little curious about this show, it was popular with my peer group when I was young, but my parents never allowed me to watch it. I think it was for three reasons:

  1. Use of the Confederate flag,
  2. Unsympathetic portrayals of southern/rural people, especially authority figures,
  3. Generalized stupidity of plot and characters.

It’s probably too late to catch up with it now.

RIP to the character actor in any event.

My dad also forbade me to watch it so I had to go to my friend’s house every Friday night. He just thought it was too stupid. If you didn’t treasure the Dukes as a kid, you probably won’t enjoy the show now.

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