RIP wetlands and streams, Trump to end environmental protections

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This is bad. This is very bad.


By the time ya’ll realize that Trump is LITERALLY the Antichrist, shit’s going to be a whole lot worse…


Some evangelicals literally believe this and this is why they support Trump. He’s here to shepherd us into the end times and Jesus will come back and save them. (Of course the irony is that Trump is doing shit that will literally lead us into the end times because of his own fuckery.)


Other than possibly starting a war, the environment is the area that I most fear trump’s long term effects. Laws can always be revoked or rewritten, but it will take monumental effort to undo the environmental damage they’re doing


Whoever beats him at the ballot box will undo the undoing, no matter which candidate it is. It’s only really bad if he gets re-elected. So we can’t let that happen.


Hmmm… don’t know why he’d want to help those.

/the most sarcastically goddamn sarcasm you can think of.


Assuming we don’t just become a dictatorship by then, all of these moronic choices will be undone by the next President.

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I believe it, and I’m not an evangelical. But you’re confusing things a bit — a lot of them really do think he’s the good guy, the Christ-like figure, in all of this. Alas, they are quite confused when it comes to knowledge of Christ-consciousness, what Jesus was really about, or any of that shit. But it was always kind of known that the anti-Christ, the king of lies and deceit, would enlist a lot of poor lost people into his cult. :man_shrugging:


Unfortunately he wasn’t speaking metaphorically when he was talking about draining swamps.


Fuck this shitheel of a man. I swear to anything holy and unholy, I WILL be pissing on his grave after he dies of too much Mcdonalds.

Hell, I’ll set up a portajohn down the road, and use a directional boring machine like the cartels to run a pipe from it straight into his fucking casket.


I do not get how so many outdoorsmen remain so staunchly pro-Trump and before Trump anti-conservation.


My extended family is full of avid hunters and fishermen. The only thing they ever will say on the topic of trump and others they vote for screwing over the lands they love is that sure its bad but they never hear about that. And then immediately change the subject to what they hear about the terrible things the damn liberals do. Its a lazy self-delusion that I’ll never really get.


How do we fight back? Thunbergism?

It’s how Republics fail. Populism that only serves short term desires, rather than building long term improvement. If nobody cares enough to try at engaging their brain before entering a voting booth, then we’ll lose everything.


Make America Gray again.


“President Trump vowed to repeal President Barack Obama’s “Waters of the United States” regulation, which had frustrated rural landowners.”

That’s a hell of a generalization. Plenty of rural homeowners who don’t want agricultural or industrial runoff ruining their waterways, water table or beaches.

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Get a whiff of that sulfur dioxide, you tree huggers. That’s what progress smells lilke. Is Trump supposed to stand and watch while China turns its rivers and streams into lifeless corrosive sludge? No. He accepts the challenge!



The part of the rules that has/had farmers upset is the newer definition of wetlands. It included any place that surface water might gather, even temporarily. Because it was vaguely written, farmers felt this could be considered to cover rain puddles.

If you’ve ever driven in the Midwest after prolonged thunderstorms or minor flooding, you’ll see that a lot of farms don’t drain very well and large swaths are covered with a few inches of water that disappears in a couple days. It’s these areas that really worried them that they could lose.

You might disagree with them. But facing losing 5, 10, 20% of their farms, they were angry.