Riunite advertising was something out of another universe


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Alcohol and swimming, boating, mountain climbing…what could go wrong?


They made drinking a huge honking jug of wine on the beach seem so classy.



Riunite on Ice! The colder it is, the less you can taste it!


Slightly older, but also a memorable cheesy wine commercial form days of yore:


Dude looks 15.


Reunite in ice? That’s Nice

Jaques Bonet? That’s OK


Or Hippies drinking Annie Greensprings in a tree, cause…hippies


i prefer the classics


I was more of a Bartles and Jaymes fan as a kid.


Not one person in that commercial is drinking their Reunite on ice.

But plonk wine on ice can be pretty good for wasting a summer day.


Heh, indeed. I was 18 in 1979. That was what you drank when you were trying to impress a date. It was the alcohpop of its day, insipid and fizzy.


And, as we were also told at that time, women could do all of that during their period!




Ya know, a funny thing about growing up in flyover country is the nagging sense that you were always a year or two behind trend. But for this specific revolution Ohio was light years ahead of the curve- ain’t no 80’s rust belt pot-luck picnic without some Franzia and who-knows-what-the-fuck-is-in-that-Jell-O casserole.


When you have such a killer tag line (it rhymes!) you just want to say it over and over.


When it comes to combining value-oriented inebriation with catchy rhymes I’d argue that Thunderbird is a tough act to follow(and not just because of the hangover it’s likely to produce, though that too).


Holy crap, you just shuffle back to life some old neurons there.

I totally remember these ads!

I feel really old now.


What, no love for this classic? Say yes!


I’m pretty sure Adriano Celentano was a consultant for the Ad campaign “Riunite - On Ice!”