Riverrun Castle Red Wedding Get-Away Could Be Yours For $650,600.00

“According to the listing, in 2006 the castle was bought by Gosford Castle Development Limited, which restored and converted part of the castle into 23 luxury residences. Artisans and craftsmen were called in to help retain the original character and historic integrity, with particular focus placed on restoring the existing vaulted ceilings and maintaining the original color palette. The portion of the castle which is now being listed has been partially developed in places, and could be converted into six apartments each with an average space of 3,500 square feet—and some with rooftop gardens.” -Dwell


The red wedding happened at the twins, I thought the only scenes shot there was the one where Rob nicks off that guy’s head for killing those lannister boys? Was the Red Wedding filmed there, too?

Pretty cheap, though, considering the size of each apartment…

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Believe the scene was shot here. Having a margarita street side now but will check later. Cheers!



Have fun!


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