Road rage attacker could avoid jail by proving she is an "expert knitter"


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It’s more of those arbitrary EU regulations!



But what caused this incident? Was the woman on her fuckin’ driveway?


Perhaps Scottish law distinguishes between the following types of assault

A attacks B.
A stalks B, then attacks B.

If McCabe can produce evidence that she is a capable knitter, who was coincidentally traveling to that shop., she’ll be sentenced for assault (with the jumpers accepted as part of her restitution). If not, well, then perhaps she’s a dangerous stalker who tried to lie in court.


Put on the spot, she claimed she could knit a jumper in two-to-three-days at a cost of £6 to £7.

She must be using some super crappy bargain-bin acrylic yarn, if she can knit a garment that cheaply. Yuck.


I think if they were different offences, then it would be part of the findings of fact. It’s just going to be taken into account when deciding on the sentence for the assault, in the same way that, for example a history of past offences can be (but aren’t revealed to a jury), or how much money someone has can be taken into account when fining them. Does still seem odd - which is why it’s made the news, of course.


or the court case was the criminal law one and resocialisation is rather important in Euro-style law. a compensation for pain and suffering can still be ordered under civil law if her opponent sues.


Are you reading from court documents, or are you reading from “local interest” pieces in the newspaper?


that’s good, what does she get if she eats that big ball of neapolitan ice cream though?


Her husband might though, because holy cow does my wife have a lot of yarn.

To her credit, she eventually realized only buying for a project is the way to go. Browsing a store and scooping up deals or cute colors leads to disaster.


Many a marriage has faced the endless valley of “yarn”.


You ain’t kiddin’.


It’ll be a pretty tiny sweater, too, if she does it in 2-3 days.


Or knit with size 15 needles, using super bulky yarn.


Oh, no, that’s buying for projects you didn’t know you wanted to do yet. :wink:


True, with a set of these, I could likely whip out a yuuuge sweater in a few hours.



I dunno - seems like we could do with more creative sentencing like this. Avoid jail time for drunken driving if you can brew a good craft beer. Avoid jail time for arson if you can bake some decent baguettes. Etc.

Seems to me that even if she was traveling in the same direction, that still doesn’t indicate she wasn’t stalking her victim.


Artisanal punishments?