Roadblock stops drivers to collect saliva and blood samples


I am, to say the least,troubled by the fact that in the United States of America I now feel the need to remember the phrase “Am I free to go or am I being detained.”


Are you allowed to save time by just coughing up blood?


Only until New Years. After that, you get health care.


I get the feeling that Belarus is a test bed for where the Kremlin wants to take Russia.

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They collect saliva samples in Australia at random roadside drug test sites, testing for amphetamines and weed. To drive stoned you have to simply remember where they set up and avoid that bit of road since they only ever set up where there’s enough room to park their big-ass testing bus.

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Awwe man. I kind of liked the unredacted version - but I’ll admit it confused me for a while.

boggle Sure, I’ll just let some random person stick me for blood while I’m driving.

I’m also ashamed that this is local to me.

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Hmmm…This appears to violate many of the ethical protocols found in the Belmont Report, as well as the federal government’s own guidelines contained in the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects, a.k.a. the Common Rule. For example, what about informed consent? If they are passively sniffing for drugs and alcohol use, you haven’t given informed consent, nor arguably are you in a position without a reasonable expectation of privacy, i.e. your car. What about the IRB? Human subject research cannot be conducted in this country without oversight by a review board. The people who conducted this “study” need to be identified and then dismissed.


Velcome to Amerika, comrade

“Am I free to go or am I being detained.”

Answer: “Duh constitution don’t apply at checkpoints”

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That’s a weird thing to test for. Millions of people take prescription amphetamines, or close enough phenethylamines to probably trigger a positive.

re “passive” testing: that is alarming.

Does passive testing work? Well, let me say this: if they are capable (and they are) of testing your vehicle for emissions as you drive the on ramp onto the freeway or highway, then they are probably capable of testing your breath without you even “submitting” (in closer proximity, of course).

The framing of this post is hilarious, in a very tragic way.

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Pigs = Pigs

To police officers reading this: This kind of shit is why I have no respect for you.


I don’t believe this was anything other than a DUI fishing expedition. No way this was a legitimate study. As I pointed out, none of the protocols for human subject research seemed to be in place.



American Rights.

Violated Everyday.

I Mean, Look Up.


Wake Up.

copyright you stealers…you know who you are, and so does karma, you jackhats…

Look at the Sun, see that comet?

Watch the tail…


P.S. America the Beautiful, my heart, and soul, and mind, and spirit, and move…

“Well, sure, but you’d better get a real doctor to take and safeguard the samples – Bob told me I’m probably infected.”


In my northern California county we have monthly “checkpoints” supposedly aimed at people driving under the influence. They occur at night, between 8 and midnight, I think. If you happen to be driving on the street where the checkpoint is set up you are led into a row of cars, each approached by an officer. You have no choice but to comply. You must show your drivers license. If the officer has any suspicions the driver is “asked” to take a breathalizer test. Failure to comply means a trip to the county jail. How is this Constitutional and don"t get me started on entrapment. I happened into one. My hound barked so much the cop said, “Get out of here”. I realize how lucky we were my dog’s baying didn’t push his buttons to the point of some kind of authoritarian altercation.