Roasted frog was on menu for ancient Britons


People eat frogs. Not just French people. What an astonishing fact.

Now, for a real scoop, go find find some people-eating frogs.


I seriously doubt that the british were the “first.” Frogs have been around a long long time, as have humans. The chances some starving caveman having grabbed a frog to make a meal of it in a survival attempt are probably pretty good.

“First documented” perhaps.

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Right. As far as I remember it the Romans were pretty big fans of frogs. Even the article notes there’s plenty of evidence of it throughout Europe, and its incredibly common in Asia. It hardly calls into questions “the authenticity of characteristic Gallic cooking”. If this wasn’t a British newspaper looking to get a dig in at the French I’m reasonably sure the assumption would be that frogs were eaten wherever frogs were available. Because frogs are tasty, and in the annals of weird shit to eat frogs are tasty, easy to get your hands on, easy to process and frankly not that weird.

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Best reaction GIF ever.


Well, first in written European history, and that’s pretty much all that counts, right?


Though some of the eaters are a bit weird:

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I particularly enjoy the crunchy frog chocolates…


All that counts for the Brit is to be sure the French are wrong. Kinda tedious.

They found some Peach remains in a Bog near Stonehenge as well.

Obviously, some ancient person was inspired to open up a restaurant near Salisbury that didn’t have a parking problem.

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Well, quite.

Stonehenge was built by the Crannogmen?

English food has sadly gone very far downhill from the era of the rotisserie frog.

I ate the first frog and everyone else can fuck off.

Quite apart from anything else, to imagine a distinction between British and French going back, what, over 8000 years? Like @bryanschuler says, people eat frogs, pleistocene people, still long after the land bridge had gone.

nothing easier:

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