Rob a bank in an effort to pitch woo at Taylor Swift and you're gonna have a bad day.


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It’s all downhill from here.


Eh, he didn’t even shoot the president. Lame.


Whatever happens, remember to Shake it Off.






I don’t get it, we can’t rob a bank, or shoot the President, or even cut off our ears and send it to them-- what do women want anyway?



Silly you have to do white collar bank robbery to get a trophy wife.


Well thank goodness he got caught. He was my trial balloon, I was planning to do it myself next week.

On to Plan B.


That maneuver generally goes by the name, “Pulling a John Hinckley Jr”

[I am far late to the party for that comment :frowning: ]


I could have warned you. Not only doesn’t she reply, she never throws the money back.


Just shake it off.


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