Rob Ford quits mayoral race


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Oh, Ford family. You are the Kennedys by way of Homer Simpson.


Good for Rob Ford for making the right decision for his health. As a Torontonian this exit feels awfully anti-climatic - it renders every discussion about the good and bad of Rob Ford for four years irrelevant. During his whole rehab affair people would say, “Where is your empathy” to the people who kept hounding him, and I always said it would begin when he was not longer our mayor. Well best of luck to Rob Ford in recovering from his illness.

But Doug Ford entering the race is absurd. He’s the less likable of the Ford brothers. While Rob Ford was constantly involved in scandals, it was Doug Ford who would go in the media call protestors racists or insult New Orleans for no reason. Fortunately, whatever ineffable quality Rob Ford had that made people want to vote for him, I don’t think Doug Ford has it, and even with it Rob probably wasn’t going to win.

I just wish Doug Ford was going away sooner rather than later.

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The original URL for this article has the word “quiets” in place of “quits”, although the comment section on BBS has it right. I’m guessing this can’t be fixed once it’s published?

I’m going to feel just awful for suggesting this if Rob Ford passes away in the near future, but I think your headline should have been “Bumblefuck OUT”.

You can almost hear every writer at the Daily Show, Colbert, Conan, Tonight show etc. all say ‘oh fuck, now i have to work harder’ at the same time.

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What’s weird is he’s not actually dropping out of campaigning - Rob and Doug have just switched campaigns. Now Doug is running for mayor, Rob is running for ward 2 counsellor.

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It’s probably worse for Toronto. Putting Doug Ford in the Mayor’s race would be like swapping George Bush for Dick Cheney in the Oval Office.

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But it’s not that bad. Swapping George Bush and Dick Cheney in the Oval Office is terrible. Swapping them during the campaign might have been great.


And that’s why you don’t fuck with the Bene Gesserit.

Not quite swapping places. Doug Ford wasn’t running in Ward 2 even though he was the sitting councilor. Mike Ford was running in Ward 2 (purely on the name recognition of his uncles and grandfather).


Too bad they couldn’t get this Ford to replace him instead.


I do not understand how this works. In America, a candidate who quit couldn’t just appoint their successor, unless it happened before a primary and their party went along. I don’t even know how they choose mayors in a parliamentary system, or how they get elected.

I really don’t understand at all. It’s probably not actually legal, but then these are the Fords.

EDIT: It’s actually perfectly above-board - the registration deadline was today at 2PM. If this had happened a week later, it would have been too late to do anything but withdraw.

Yup, what dragonfrog said. Municipal elections in Canada work pretty much like they do in the USA, except that there are no official political parties at that level, so no primaries.

Rob Ford chose to withdraw, and Doug Ford chose to enter the race less than an hour before the candidate filing deadline. There was no official successorship. They are simply hoping that Rob Ford’s supporters will choose to vote for Doug instead.

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What do you think we’re saving it for?

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It’s just that our mayoral races in Toronto are totally insane. As @dragonfrog said, the registration deadline was today at 2pm. In most municipalities the campaigns are probably just getting started at this point. But with the fixed election date everyone knows when the election is coming and in Toronto the campaign basically starts in January despite the fact that we can’t even be sure who is running until mid September. Our federal and provincial election campaigns typically last five or six weeks, but mayor of Toronto goes on forever.


Best of luck Toronto.

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The scary thing is that Rob Ford was sort of like Doug Ford’s marionette. Rob Ford is pretty easy on the uh…thinking end of things, and was just being bossed around by his older brother Doug. Rob’s chronic stupid escapades were sort of a smokescreen for the malevolent and criminal intent of Doug. Rob Ford is like the kid that will do anything for approval by his older brother - even when it involved personal humiliation or disgrace. As long as the older kids were paying attention to him - even if that meant laughing AT him - he was fine as long as he got the attention.

Doug Ford seems like a psychopath, in every clinical sense of the word, however.