Rob Ford Valentines


Justice for Boing Boing interns!!!

A living wage! Benefits! Health care! Pension!

Justice for Boing Boing interns!!!

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I think they missed one of the obvious ones “I really do want to eat your p*ssy”


Cue Jovi:

Looks a bit like middle-aged Calvin (of & Hobbes) after he’s been working in insurance for a few decades.

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Although, I’m guessing Calvin would never need drugs, even in the unlikely event he grew up.

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Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

That’s LORD MAYOR Laughable Bumblefuck to you!

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Or, if we are going to use actual quotes…

Phwooaaarrr fumble grope fumble SLAP bwaugggghhh ukh ukh aaaahhhh thud snore

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