Rob Ford Valentines




Justice for Boing Boing interns!!!

A living wage! Benefits! Health care! Pension!

Justice for Boing Boing interns!!!


I think they missed one of the obvious ones “I really do want to eat your p*ssy”


Cue Jovi:


Looks a bit like middle-aged Calvin (of & Hobbes) after he’s been working in insurance for a few decades.


Although, I’m guessing Calvin would never need drugs, even in the unlikely event he grew up.


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

That’s LORD MAYOR Laughable Bumblefuck to you!


Or, if we are going to use actual quotes…

Phwooaaarrr fumble grope fumble SLAP bwaugggghhh ukh ukh aaaahhhh thud snore


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