Robert Crumb interviewed about Donald Trump


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How long? Never. Never works for them I suppose. Just keep consuming an afactual stream of tweets from President Dunning-Kruger and we’ll have the thermonuclear rapture in no time. He’ll just point the tiny finger of blame at everyone else (wink wink The Other)


surprisingly dull take on Trump, you can literally get that from almost any Twitter account every day, 24/7.


I wonder how soon it’s going to be before the general run of the supporters of Trump start to feel betrayed.

For some Trump voters, this was about giving a middle finger to the establishment, and they are fully expecting things to go badly. Others are either disingenuous or gullible and will not change their minds about him regardless of what happens.

So the question is, how big is that third group? i.e. people who are both optimistic about a Trump presidency and will be disappointed if he doesn’t produce the results he promised. If it’s small, then we might be in trouble for 2020 whether things go badly or not.


And he pretty much admits that in the first sentence:

“Alex: That leads us to the next guy on the list. Do you want to talk about him at all? Donald Trump?
Crumb: All I can do is just pile onto what everyone else says, you know?”

But yeah, doing interesting work doesn’t guarantee having interesting opinions. Throughout the whole interview he’s only interesting when talking about… old records.


Crumb said all he needed to say about Trump and the rest of the US when he sold a couple of his sketch books for an house in France, and kissed our asses goodbye, back in 1991.


During the election, there was an unemployed coal miner who said that if the coal industry weren’t revived (I suppose the evidence for that would be his getting hired again) he would NEVER vote Republican again. But you know, I’d like to hear from him again in four years, when he not only won’t get his coal job back (because automation and cheap gas) but he won’t be able to get a truck driving job either (that’s a frequent fall-back job, but self driving trucks etc) either.
I suspect that as long as the GOP provides him with a villain, he’ll vote Republican again.
Of course, the alternate scenario is that the Republicans actually subsidize coal and its sister industry, steel, to keep these workers going. I’m sure some are working on that…


Less of an “interview” than a series of assertions and leading questions.


Unsurprisingly, Crumb found the sexual assaults Trump was accused an unimportant issue (though he certainly thought other aspects of his win troubling). I enjoyed reading his take on Cuba and Castro, though.


Full comic is over here, if you’re wondering:

Ahh, June 2016. Such an innocent time.


Well, Crumb is wrong in that the NY and California primaries weren’t rigged against Bernie Sanders. Not even Bernie Sanders thinks that. He just got less voters, whether or not he “should” have.

For the rest, agree 100%.


Crumb is a paranoid conspiracy theorist? Who woulda thought?


Celebrities badmouthing other celebrities?!? What is the world coming to?


You think it’s above board calling those states the night before a single vote was cast?


I wouldn’t say it’s a great idea. That just doesn’t mean the primary was rigged.

Any more than a sports caster predicting the Yankees will win means the game is rigged.


A sportscaster predicting a game’s outcome doesn’t affect the behaviour of the players on the field. Carlos Beltran isn’t going to go “Aw man, Mad Dog said the game is a lock for Boston. Fuck it, I’m calling in sick.”

Prospective voters are more easily discouraged though — if they think their vote is futile there’s a chance they don’t bother with it.


I’m not saying it’s a good thing that it was called early. I’m saying this doesn’t mean it was rigged.

What I’m saying is, that’s two different groups of people involved entirely. One is the media reporting on what’s happening, and the other is the group doing the actual thing.

The first one reporting earlier than may be good does not mean the thing was rigged.


True. Lately the meaning of “rigged” seems to have wrongly broadened to include “meddled with” and “unfairly affected,” and I guess I got infected with that lexivirus. :disappointed:


Alex: Some eggs are gonna be broken when you make an omelet, you know? And that’s just the way it is, and he’s gotta take charge. A lot of Americans like that. A no nonsense kind of guy, who’s just gonna take charge, because it simplifies their world. They just feel someone’s going to take care of the problems that are just too complicated for them.

I call this the “magical honky” trope. Big man shows up in a helicopter, says we’re gonna fix everything, it’ll be great, and we’ll destroy anyone who gets in our way. The current wearer of the magical honky crown is Putin. He can’t destroy America directly, but he can set up a magical 'Murican honky to humiliate.


His approval rating has sunk since the election which is a complete anomaly in American politics. Even W got a boost in his approval rating just before his inauguration after his bitter, lost-the-popular-vote election win in 2000. Now Trump is polling in the 30s, lower than what he got in the election itself.