Robert De Niro's delivers blistering statement on Trump: "When I look at him, I don’t see a bad man. Truly. I see an evil one."

Originally published at: Robert De Niro's delivers blistering statement on Trump: "When I look at him, I don't see a bad man. Truly. I see an evil one." | Boing Boing


Let’s reach out to Trump’s followers with respect.

< insert your favorite ‘how about no’.gif >


That train has sailed.



Trump supporter: “Why do you guys think we’re all stupid?”

Everyone else: “Thinking you’re stupid is being generous. You support a man who mocks the disabled, mocks wounded veterans, mocks women and brags about sexual assault, ran a fake charity, rips off contractors, is generally hateful and vindictive. . . the alternative is that we think you’re not stupid, just evil.”


Let’s talk about right and wrong. Let’s talk about humanity. Let’s talk about kindness. Security for our world. Safety for our families. Decency.

It’s a beautiful, spot-on speech, but Trump’s supporters have turned their backs on all of the above, not only Democracy. There’s no talking them back into decent people. They’re gone for good and the best we can do is fight them with all our might.


Trump is an Entertainer, and he took his spiel from all of that into the political arena.
People believe TV. Those shows are 100% real to many regular viewers. They are as alive as ones own family and friends are.
Trump managed to market his own blend of <crap?> into the political; and here we are.
I would very much like to see De Niro get his blend of smart and tough entered into our political arena; at a minimum he’d do A LOT for the whole of NY state.

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… De Niro is 80 years old and his opening to get into politics would have been decades ago


Even if he was looking to start a second career at age 80 DeNiro strikes me as someone who probably has enough self awareness to know that being a talented performer and effective public speaker doesn’t necessarily mean one is well suited for public office.


Decency. Let’s welcome them back. We won’t get them all, but we can get enough to end the nightmare

If we have to, we have to… ugh. Personally I like his quote about punching Hair Twittler (Hair Xittler? Herr Shitler?) even better. But we need to deprogram as many as we can to stop this evil. President Joe Brandon has done a hell of a good job so far, keep after em.

Only difference between Herr Hitler and Hair Shitler is one already committed genocide, while the other would like to…

Holding back on Covid because he thought it would kill more Democrats sure sounds like genocide to me.


Case in point: St. Ronnie


Are you insinuating that Ronald Reagan was a good actor?


Well, no, that would be a step too far…


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