"Vote for Trump and you'll get the nightmare." De Niro condemns Trump as "total monster" (video)

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Waiting for the nut jobs to respond. Should be amusing.

Not that he’s wrong about Von Clownstick, but he only plays characters that “have some good in them”? :thinking:


All the best villains have some moral core they use to justify their own actions, even if they’re fundamentally destructive and they’re using twisted rationalizations for their own evil. That’s a big part of what gives an actor something to build a performance around.

De Niro’s most famous villain was probably the young Vito Corleone in The Godfather Part II. Corleone was a violent, vicious gangster, but he also had plenty of “positive” and relatable traits like a deep love for his family, a strong work ethic and a sense of justice that went deeper than mere vengeance and self-gratification. He also had patience and restraint. Trump has none of those qualities.


Not really. None of this is actually amusing anymore. It’s scary as shit.


It’ll be the same BS as usual: “Hollywood”-this, “woke”-that, “liberal”-blah-blah-blah. Maybe some half-baked boycott. These are not original or innovative minds at work, but they are 27% of the electorate. As DeNiro says, the rest of us have to move on to stopping him. Now.


De Niro is great, and I agree with him completely.

It’s also interesting for me to compare my reaction to him right next to Bill Maher. It is hard for me to watch Bill Maher even when I agree with him. And I often do. He’s just so smug. All that said, I’m glad for when Maher is right and using his platform to spread that correct information also.

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