Trump regales cannibalism

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Which movie did he watch?


Here’s a good NPR piece on his rallies. He seems to have decided that references to “glamorous” criminals of yesteryear like Capone and the fictional Lecter work with his audience of older bullies and thugs.

His flailing compulsion to attract the cheers of the MAGAt mob in any way possible would be pathetic if it wasn’t so dangerous.


I’m pretty sure that he said “Silence of the Lamb”.

Stop running Trump’s gibberish through Grammerly.


He said Republicans eat their young, they can relate to this topic.


I don’t think he ever saw the movie. Hannibal Lecter doesn’t die.
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That’s good advice for the news media. Stop trying to parse Trump’s nonsense to find what he “really” means. Stop making him seem non-stupid, non-ignorant and non-deranged.


Maybe he’s mixing it up with the Mads Mikkelsen version of the character?

But probably he just forgot everything except that groan-worthy punchline. It goes without saying that Lecter would have little patience for anyone with manners and taste as garish as Trump’s.


He’s so taken with the joke that he says it three times. He thinks that it’s an amazingly brilliant pun, perhaps because he took a while to understand it.


Wait… what was in that taco bowl Trump was eating when he posted his infamous “I love Hispanics!” Tweet?


“Hannibal Lecter, what a great man. A very good cook, they tell me. I don’t like liver myself, or fava beans, and of course I don’t drink. But they say he cooked very well, and I believe it. Of course, you can’t do that in America today. Joe Biden wouldn’t allow it. He’d send Hannibal Lecter to prison, just for cooking. Because liberals don’t want you to eat liver, they want you to eat tofu. And broccoli. Can you believe that? It’s sad, just sad. This great man, persecuted by Sleepy Joe Biden. And I can relate to that, because Crooked Joe’s trying to do the same thing to me. He wants to send me to prison and make me eat tofu there. You know, the other day, a cannibal serial killer, a big strong man, he said to me, with tears in his eyes, “Mr. Trump, sir, you are making this country great again. A country where people aren’t afraid to eat liver. Mr. Trump, sir, you are a greater genius than Hannibal Lecter, who was a very great genius indeed.” No, it’s true, it’s true. People are saying that. This serial killer, he was saying that. I don’t know, maybe it’s true. But people are saying that.”


Prions might explain a few things I suppose.


I heard that. They included one clip where he’s going on about Capone and he says something like, “Alfonse Capone, remember him? Al Capone.” (Crowd cheers) “Scarface.”
It was early so I did a double take wondering, “wait, was Scarface about Al Capone???”
[Narrator: it was not.]
He just throws out word salad and his acolytes cheer. It’s creepy and, as you said, dangerous.


I was trying to figure out the context in which this made sense, but there isn’t one. Normally the context for the crazy things he says involve him switching topics without making it clear he’s doing so, semi/in-coherent stream-of-consciousness ramblings on a topic, garbling his speech and not wanting to acknowledge it, and/or just being an ignorant asshole. Here he’s talking about… migrants? It’s the weirdest non-sequitur when talking about migrant crime - migrants who might commit crimes, bad; cannibalistic serial killer, good. Although there’s no context in which talking about “the late, great Hannibal Lecter” isn’t weird. (I’m wondering if he even understands what “late” means in this context, or thinks it’s just something that goes with “great.”)

Also, apparently this isn’t the first time he’s praised Hannibal Lecter, which might have something to do with something Mads Mikkelsen said about him, which he interpreted as being positive. There’s layers of weirdness to this weirdness.

Yeah, the way he repeats the things he thinks are really clever clearly overlaps with his repetition of phrases like “no one knows that…” when he only just learned something himself. It’s like what kids do when they’re proud of themselves for having just learned or figured something out.


God Enperor Don, bread and circuses.


Well, I didn’t think of this right off, but I suppose this might be a reference/response to Joe Biden’s weird story that his uncle might have been eaten by cannibals (Biden implied his uncle lost in WWII was eaten by cannibals. Papua New Guinea's leader pushes back. - CBS News) Mr. Trump doesn’t make that connection, but he might have had that thought in his mind when he was “planning his speech”, or whatever he does before he gets up and talks.


Still too coherent.

Those poor, starving prions. They show up to T****’s brain and all of the proteins were already misfolded!


Maybe he will be convicted of the Stormy Daniels payoff election funds misuse charge, escape the police, and continue his presidential campaign without those boastful public appearances at rallies.

The Silence On The Lam


Here’s unedited video of people leaving that rally while he was still talking.

It’s like people leaving a bad comedy show while the comic is bombing.

It’s totally bizarre that people still support that guy.


You missed an opportunity to mention Joe taking away Hannibal’s gas stove. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: