Robert Durst, who confessed to murder on a hot mic, sentenced to life imprisonment

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and later killed another person and dismembered their body. In that case, he was acquitted on grounds of self-defence.

The Law is a strange beast. Chopping up a corpse seems to imply some intent to avoid arrest at least.


Did he confess to murder? I remember when I watched the “big bombshell confession moment” thinking “That’s certainly open to interpretation. Sounds rather sarcastic to me.”

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I certainly hope he doesn’t get a long sentence.

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The rule of goats perhaps applies


That’s a new one on me. I looked it up - as I read it, it doesn’t apply here, but I may not understand the rule completely.

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In the sense that sarcastically admitting to a crime is still admitting to a crime. It’s not enough to convict someone but it absolutely guarantees full attention to the crime.


The prosecutors were so confident of a murder conviction they never filed lesser charges like disposing of a corpse and such like.


Sometimes prosecutors intentionally leave out those lesser charges as to not give the jury an easy “out” for letting the defendant off easy and to keep the attention on the part of the case where they think it belongs.

For example, the Feds didn’t bother charging Timothy McVeigh with leaving his rental truck in a “No Parking” zone.


I was thinking about this in relation to the True Crime thread. This is a case where the True Crime fascination and media lead to a real world impact and without HBO being lurid a killer would still be walking free. Maybe the True Crime thing has some positive social benefits?



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