Robot Maker and YouTuber Simone Giertz's favorite tools


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Dremel 4200

I can babble on & on about this tool’s abilities. I’d carry it in my back pocket if it’d fit.


Power lead offers other problems.


Not if you have the cordless one…


Yep mines cordless as well. Maybe if you use a tool belt you can carry it with you.


Genius exudes from you naturally, indeed.


How the hell is the Glowforge one of her favorite tools?? I was an early Kickstarter supporter and none of us has received ours yet! I guess maybe she got her hands on one of the pre-release “beta” units? Grrrr…


You can’t even buy a Glowforge yet. I’m a kickstarter background and they’re about a year late on shipping.


She’s part of Some of the tested folks have had access to Glowforge (and even helped man their both at a conference recently) so I expect the answer is there…


I love this vaporware, everyone should back it!


“Vaporware” implies it doesn’t exit and is some kind of lie. It does exist. I know people who have used beta units and it has been at conferences. I also know people who have gone to work for the company in Seattle. The final form just hasn’t shipped yet.


A year late on shipping. 28 million a year ago. When they announced they’d be shipping in December of '16.

Four months later and… still in testing. What’s the phrase? Shit or get off the pot?

Seriously, I’d give anyone who kickstarted this some shit for not just going out and getting a laser cutter for two grand a year ago and have made it pay for itself by now but I’m literally too busy working on staining some stuff I laser cut over the weekend. I’m certain you’ll all get your Glowforges just in time for them to announce they need funding for Glowforge II: Our Kids Are Going to College.


I feel like the problem with kickstarter is that all the emphasis is on the idea, and there’s not a great way to check that the kickstartees have the chops or connections to make it happen.

I’m not saying that’s the issue in this case, although it sounds similar.


Yes. I’d bet everyone who makes/builds stuff considers the Dremel their favorite tool.

It’s that handy.


blah blah blah this tool, that tool

just gonna say?

Simone - #geekSwoon

we need more of her. encourage STEM! get the public interested so they get their kids interested!

YAY Simone! YAY DIY Astronaut! YAY SCIENCE.

now please get back to your arguing about tools.


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