Robotic dog pants, dribbles warm saliva, and tries to bite you

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At first I was thinking that perhaps I would have a new pair of lounge pants made out of fabric similar to this:


I am so glad I’m not the only one who read that intro as “Robotic Dog Pants”!

I was confused, and a little disappointed that there was no fun pajamas with K9 blueprints on them…


Is there a limit on how many times you can “play”?


Not to be confused with his other canine creation “Ol’ Leg Humper”


If you quit too soon, it becomes the STOP RESISTING! machine.


It seems to me that I played the money laundering machine over the Internet some years ago.
It was an all right game.

Glad to see Tim Hunkin is still at it! I LOVE The Secret Life of Machines.


Surely that they had something like them in a Wallace and Gromit movie.

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Should have looked in the comments first. I thought Tim looked familiar, and it took a few minutes of frantic googling to recover the name of one of my favorite TV shows from back in the day.

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The London site is new-ish but for many years Tim’s machines have been shown at the Under the Pier Show on Southwold Pier. A couple of years ago my friends and I were lucky enough to visit Tim’s workshop nearby: it’s a wonderful combination of materials store, old creations and high tech (he has some great lathes and other machine tools). At the time he was working on both some tiger gates for London Zoo, which used ingenious counterweights to make them secure against tigers but easy for keepers to open - yes, he does ‘proper’ engineering too - and a new machine for the Pier where by bouncing up and down on stools, you could power your pirate ship to attack an oligarch’s yacht. His website at is well worth a look. He’s a true original and a genuinely nice chap.

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Got to “play” this one at the Mechanical Cabaret in London in the early 90’s. Yes, you get the sensation of warm spit! Quite effective. Tim’s stuff had a real rough and ready tinker’s mad dream quality. I really liked Paul Spooner’s by comparison elegant and refined automatons as well.


If you accept the “Robotic Dog Pants”, then who are " Dribbles and Warm Saliva"?
“Hey kids! It’s…”

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