Robotic drone bee pollinates flowers


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Wasn’t there a Black Mirror episode about this?


Another step towards a beautiful, mechanized future.


Is anyone else seeing the exact same micro-copter in a BBStore ad directly below this story?

Throw in a USB power brick and just shut up and take my money! Also, my pollen. Who needs bees amirite?


There certainly was. It didn’t end well.

I didn’t expect to find myself living in the future but here i fucking well am.


Excellent idea! and insect eating drones to replace birds soon too?


Well, if we keep this up, the evolutionary pressure on flowers to provide nectar with their pollen will drop, making the environment even worse for natural pollinators, requiring a greater proportion of robots, driving the pressure further down…


Also drone-eating drones to keep the bee drones from leaving their assigned areas, as they will from time to time. And maybe we could make them self-replicate using available materials harvested from other drones…


My electric sheep are going to have nightmares tonight.


Bees for everyone, including the someones running down dusty country roads on their robot legs, screaming “My eyes! My CPU! They’re EATING ME ALIVE!”


Or we could you know… find ways to stop killing bees. It might even be good for humans too.


Well these bee drones are not yet capable of building self replicating hives. Nor are they, as yet, capable of flying into your ear and killing you by burrowing into your brain. I am sure these capabilities are on the roadmap for version 2.


came here to say exactly this, haha – MAYBE THIS ISN’T A GOOD IDEA!


And where’s the stinger? That is critical. How will they protect themselves? Needs mor ammo.


Came here to say pretty much exactly this. Don’t have too now, thanks! (Though my comment was a good bit snarkier, so thanks for that, too.)


I love that drone’s merkin. The ‘landing strip’ is always a good choice on the border between tasteful and sassy.


I’d rather have the money invested in saving actual bees.




I was looking for a good way to say the same thing! lol thx I trust all future plant sex related drones will have them.


Maybe we don’t want to eat food grown there either … just sayin’!