New honeybee sperm bank racing to halt bee decline


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I tried to donate and they wouldn’t even talk to me. #whitegenocide


When the bees go, you know we’re fucked because other things will fill the flower/bee/friendly to humans stuff void, like fungi and parasites.


Just an FYI - the picture isn’t a bee. That’s a bee-mimic syrphid fly, also called a hoverfly. They’re great garden insects; the larvae eat other insects, and the adults eat pollen and pollinate flowers.


Now I am bee cum Death, the destroyer of worlds.


Please, please replace the photo. Syrphids are about as closely related to bees as butterflies or beetles. Here’s a CC-BY-SA photo of mine you can use of an actual honeybee:


Collecting honey bee sperm is easy. It just requires you to put forth a little communication and understanding.


Q: Have you ever smelled mothballs?
A: Yes…
Q: How did you manage to spread their tiny little legs apart?


This seems like a good place to set this down:



the syrphid image is intended to represent sperm, not insects.


This is good. But I think it’s more important to the survival of the honey bees (and therefore; us humans) to stop using the poison in pesticides that is killing bees en mass. Shut down the source…

This is good, though. Save the bees!



I’m not sure I understand, but thanks for responding. An article about honeybees with a lead photo featuring a bee-mimic is always going to raise some eyebrows.


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