Rochester cop parked in ambulance bay then roughed up EMT who dinged his car

This all sounds familiar, where have I

… ah yes


I fully anticipate this gentleman will be acquitted of any wrongdoing by the “internal investigation” and will be back to full duty just as soon as the news cycle has had time to forget this shit even happened… so like a week at the most. ACAB.


Fuck all these internal investigations, let’s have some external investigations. I imagine they’d go something like this: someone (could be just about any citizen, doesn’t require any expertise, though they may want to screen them for neutrality like a jury member) watches the video, sees the obvious, incontrovertible wrongdoing like anyone with a tiny inkling of common sense would, and the cop is fired that same day and barred from police work for good. Problem solved. I imagine it would lead to a sudden dramatic shrinking of police forces, but I don’t see the downside of that at this point.


That’s part of the defund movement - separate investigation from the police. That way, there’s someone independent who can investigate them without bias. Oh, and this guy need not apply. With incestigations separated, no need to be shooting or roughing up anyone.


I’m not justifying the cop’s reaction, but who in their right mind touches an animal, especially from behind, especially when it’s not theirs, especially when it belongs to a cop? That just seems like asking for trouble. It would be like walking up to a stranger and petting their dog, only far stupider.


With horses, that’s often a self-correcting mistake.


Every part of the defund movement seems like it’s just common sense- protecting people from police misconduct, rooting out corruption, saving money for more important things than buying cops in Bumfuck, Idaho tanks and grenades, freeing up more resources and time to solve actual crimes. It even benefits and protects hypothetical honest cops by not forcing them into situations they don’t have the training or expertise to deal with, or where cops don’t belong to begin with (like in the classroom). I guess “defund” was just too big and fancy a word for the average American to comprehend.


The dude was ignorant, what else could one say, except getting beaten with a truncheon seems excessive, given what the guy did. Me? I would have just told the guy to “not fuck with my horse” and then explained why he shouldn’t have, if for no other reason than to avoid cavalry charge-sparked riots.


Refactor the police. Take care of the technical debt.

Nah, doesn’t work as a chant. I’ll go back to my idea of making the Constitution work like a Git repository.



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I feel like something is missing from the public discussion of “Defund the Police.” Part of what some of us are advocating is strongly saying no to the endless brutal, arbitrary, lawless exercise of force by the police, and setting civil limits to what they can do.

We’re not just saying that police aren’t the best equipped to deal with mental health issues, though that is also true - we’re saying that we’re tired of police acting like gangsters both on and off the clock, beating people up or worse because of the smallest slights, not once, but again and again. And when it happens, it’s the taxpayers who almost always pick up the tab, paying for expensive civil suit settlements where the departments involve make vague promises of new trainings, if that.

Part of the “Defund the Police” movement is that we actually want to put police officers in their place, and I don’t apologize for that.


I look at it this way. On 6th Street in Austin, the cops have been using horse patrol when they cordon off the area on weekend nights. They’ve been doing this for decades, despite all the new innovations in technology that have introduced mountain bikes, scooters, etc. to the equation.
It appears to be mostly for show, because the area is not a place you’d normally introduce a horse where ATV’s, bicycles, scooters, or even Segways would be more appropriate. Personally, I believe it to be a prop for the APD image, and taking horses out on patrol is state-sponsored animal abuse (like using attack dogs). Animals shouldn’t be helping law enforcement unless it’s something like bomb sniffing (not dismantling) or crisis support.


The excuse I’ve heard is they have better sightlines on the horse.

But yeah. Those horses are not happy. They can do the work, after all horses used to be used in battle, but it isn’t good for them physically or mentally.


You maybe correct, but I think intimidation of crowds by a large and powerful animal is a key reason.


While the cop’s handling of the EMT is despicable, not enough attention is being paid to the fact that he parked his car in the ambulance bay. If anyone else did that, they’d get towed at their own expense.

If the cop had parked in front of a hydrant and the fire department needed to use it, they’d have smashed his windows to get the hoses through.


And horses, too. :smiley:


Gods help them if they tried to feed something to the horse.
If you’re not a horse person, please note:
Never feed anything to a horse without the owner’s express permission.
The reason I even mention this this is one of my wife’s friends had a unique breed of horse and some idiot fed it a potato. It died.
Of course if it was a police horse, the person trying to feed it would be more likely to have their existence curtailed.
Using horses against civilians is nothing less than using military hardware and tactics. The appropriate military counter (I’m just saying) is something sharp on the end of a long stick - i.e. a pike.


Hospitals need to start black listing bastard cops like that.

Like, post pictures of his face on the door like “Do Not Serve” at a bar.

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Graduate of the Derek Chauvin School of Policing


Would it be a stretch to say that misogyny is also in play here, as in, women must obey men’s orders?