"Rock" resembles perfectly-made little sandwich


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Oh Internet, when there are 2 alternatives always choose the most far fetched one.


I’ve had those. They’re not bad with BBQ sauce or mango chutney.


Pepperidge Farm? Looks similar to a Milano.


What are the implications of this?
New type of ceramic rock?
I bet aliens did this


15 hours and no Rock Biter gif yet? Fo’ shame!



I seem to recall finding a bunch of these when I was a kid, it wasn’t really tile in the traditional sense (i.e. not for bathrooms), but I think it had some industrial use.


Well, or a sandwich.


Can you smell what Dwayne Johnson made for lunch?



What, you mean you’ve never seen fossil.ravioli before?


Ravioli isn’t supposed to be harder than the Parmesan. Must be an old recipe.


Ah, my bad.

I should’ve said “fossilized ravioli”, i.e. “ancient ravioli that has been fossilized”; not “fossil ravioli”, i.e., “delicate pasta pillows stuffed with the finest gourmet fossils.”



Ah, pedantry missed yet corrected nonetheless. Bravo.

You cook your pasta however you like, but “al dente” only goes so far… :smiley:


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