Rocky Horror remake slated for Fox next fall will star Laverne Cox as Frankenfurter

They might have just redeemed this in my eyes. I kind of love Laverne Cox.


will they preserve the dialog that is now a set-up for participation, or are we gonna have to make up new stuff?

either way, really, but some of it is just too good to abandon. For example, when Frank is giving his speech and pauses dramatically during the phrase “you see…” which the audience bookends by yelling “F” and then “K,” you can’t take that away from us now, that’s history, man!

I do welcome new opportunities, though. In the 90s, during the part when Eddie burst thru the ice on his motorcycle–sporting a jacket bearing the word BABY across the back–we added “ICE ICE BABY!” and when Magenta got Medusa’d into a nude statue, we would all sing “SHEEEEEE’S STOOOOOONE COOOOOOLD BUSH!” New stuff can also be fun!

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The idea of a remake is horrible, but the idea of a gender switched Frank N Furter is a redeeming step at least.


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