Roger Ailes dead at 77


Isn’t Coors now brewed in the Midwest, using water imported from Flint, Michigan?


“Cause of injury: Lack of adhesive ducks.”



You realize he was a hemophiliac, right? A bump on the head might have been enough to kill him.




Hmm. Maybe I should have read the thread better.

A better question is, how did I know that without reading the thread?


Well, I didn’t know prior to this. That explains how a man with so much privilege lived to be “only” 77: the privilege is what kept him alive all these years, well past the average life expectancy for hemophiliacs:

Like most aspects of the disorder, life expectancy varies with severity and adequate treatment. People with severe haemophilia who don’t receive adequate, modern treatment have greatly shortened lifespans and often do not reach maturity. Prior to the 1960s when effective treatment became available, average life expectancy was only 11 years. By the 1980s the life span of the average haemophiliac receiving appropriate treatment was 50–60 years. Today with appropriate treatment, males with haemophilia typically have a near normal quality of life with an average lifespan approximately 10 years shorter than an unaffected male.


Yeah, if you need major surgery, you’re pretty well fucked:

  1. One person survived open heart surgery,
  2. more than 45 years ago,
  3. and he went through 2400 pints of blood during the operation.


He is worth the effort of paraphrasing Lord Byron though:

Posterity will never survey
a nobler grave than this
here lie the bones of Roger Ailes
stop, traveler, and piss

yes, I know it loses the rhyme on the third line, but I don’t care
And @RickMycroft got there first.


I’ve lost friends as a direct result of the hate that shitbags like Ailes and Murdoch spread around the planet. Trans people have been on the fox news/news international hit list for decades now, in the 1980s and 90s the Sun used to out trans people on their front page without a care about how many lives they fucked up in the process. They claimed it was in the public interest. The Daily Mail still try to do this occasionally.

I am not happy because he never woke up in horror at what he had done and tried to fix the hate he had caused, but the recent death of Ian Brady reminded me that there are people out there who get pleasure out of causing pain to others.

I therefore give Ailes the respect he deserves.


Could he have under anti-achieved? We have standards for our seething blobs, and should ask when having a main line inspection ‘am I publically soft-pawing the worst of people and deeds to be had?’ Am I putting the basest things on equal footing to the greatest public service? Are roots being highlit?

Will Coors have this flavor variant all year, and will it give occasion to some arm candy, like a chainsaw?

hmclachlan> …with a damaged Ailes fighting

Happy with Zika and Ebola general risks, but thanks! Glad e’rything’s shiny.


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