Roger Ailes Dies, and a Celestial Grip Loosens


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH the one called Roger Ailes dies, and his grip on an alternative reality is released…


When Murdoch himself dies the risk is that reality reasserts itself with such a jerk to the tectonic plates that the Yellowstone caldera lets rip.


Roger Ailes Dies, and a Celestial Grip Loosens

All muscles go slack after death, including the anal sphincter. This is not news.


Isn’t his Son coming for us and hell is coming with him?


A noble warrior fighting alone against a horde of evil she-harpies blinks, and he’s yet another doughy teenage mouthbreather railing against victims of sexual harassment.


Nope. Sean dumber-than-a-sack-of-hammers Hannity is still making up tales about DNC rubouts and even though factual base reality says that story is a bunch of bullshit, that moran just keeps beating that horse without pause.

Also, Trumps hands are way too big. Just sayin…


This is a reference to something, isn’t it? I can’t quite place it.

(The SNES oldie Illusion of Gaia quietly springs to mind, but that would be much, much too obscure.)


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