Roger Ailes out Fox'd


hey, it’s only a member of the family of mettigel, modeled for events like stag nights or children’s birthday parties


Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead


And yet it’s nothing compared to the…meat of the story.

The sadder thing is that slime like this has occupied most positions of power for millennia and another interchangeable Hutt will simply take his place. Ailes isn’t an anomaly, he’s a plutocrat that got caught because some women were willing to sacrifice their security and possibly their careers to stand up to him. I’m no great fan of Gretchen Carlson or Megyn Kelly, but as far as I’m concerned they’re both friggin’ heroes for doing this.


He fell for that old wives’ tale that the kiss of a virgin could cure him.


“Don’t be tasting without a casing.”


I’d call it good news if he weren’t being rewarded with $40M

Oops, $60M

Do I need to be evil to fall up like that?




GAH! What the hell’s that doing here? Can’t we keep these things properly contained?


It’s true!


They’ve got several replacement candidates in the wings.


I find it difficult to get my head around Americans who think that Fox News is part of the Liberal Media; but then, using “Liberal” as a pejorative is pretty feckin’ disturbing too.


Should be for this:


Oh no, the bus driver got thrown under his own bus. Awwwwwww, too bad.


Conservatives live emotionally 30 to 40 years in the past, because they are children.

30 to 40 years ago there was some accuracy to the claim of a liberal US media.

They simply do not recognize that a spectrum of opinion in the public arena is fair, because they have the right to not be disagreed with, because as mentioned, emotionally they are children. Does that help?


It’s illustrating the point that for all the vile things he did Ailes is still crash-proof. He didn’t get fired. He got a mandatory retirement and a gold watch the size of a manhole cover. And that’s fitting. He can use it as a door for the sewer where he lives.



“I don’t know why they call this stuff hamburger helper. It does just fine by itself, huh?”


“This conditioning of children to fear nonconformity and blindly obey ensures continued obedience as adults. The difficult task of learning how to make moral choices, how to accept personal responsibility, how to deal with the chaos of human life is handed over to God-like authority figures. The process makes possible a perpetuation of childhood. It allows the adult to bask in the warm glow and magic of divine protection. It masks from them and from others the array of human weaknesses, including our deepest dreads, our fear of irrelevance and death, our vulnerability and uncertainty.” - Chris Hedges, ‘American Fascism’


Oh. My.