Rollaboard luggage trailer-hitch for your butt

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That’s totally not how I thought it would be “installed”…


I actually like it, but I want to see the demo of what happens when you forget you have it on and plop down into a seat. Which I surely would at least once–after stopping to access something in my luggage or some such.

Not sure if it would jam into my spine, my butt, or my balls, but I don’t think the results would be pretty.


It’s also a great birth control device for the teens, because there’s no way they’re getting laid sporting a butt-hitch.


Interesting they showed a woman wearing a monochrome outfit using it in the demo. 'Cos guaranteed very few women are going to want to emphasise their waist/butt area as they walk through a crowd of strangers.

And it says it won’t work with elasticised waistbands – a lot of people plan on wearing those for longer flights, for comfort.

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Not to mention Mapplethorpe thought of it sooner.

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I kinda like this idea better, though…


I did this for myself using oversized carabiner clips years and years ago.
It sorta did work, and is entirely practical in an airport. The pressure on the belt was very comfortable and manageable. You certainly would not forget you had it on.
However, I have quite a long stride, and there was no angle at which I wasn’t likely to occasionally either poke me in the butt, or brush my heels against the bag, which would then judder and twist and throw me off stride. Mine was a full-sized travel bag however, much bigger than shown. It could be that the rigid flap hitch shown here works better than my single link did in that respect.


I was disappointed to find that did not contain any other stories.

I hope that there will be future “your butt” centric BB articles.


You can probably MacGuyver something out of this


Whatcha gonna do with all that junk?

All that junk inside your trunk?


Do they also sell novelty plastic testicles to hang off of their butt-hitches?

Seems like an untapped market just waiting to explode.


My handle rotates 90 degrees so I was able to do something similar. It’s great when you have a long straight concourse to deal with, but the minute I slowed for traffic or had to maneuver around things I got bumped in the small of the back or had it run over my heel.

You need the shock absorption of the forearm to make rolling bags really work.

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Just look at it.

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OK, you first. But right after that, I want to see what happens when he steps on the “up” escalator. And then maybe the “down” one…

#I’ma go-go-go-go get drunk.
#Get straight up drunk, off my rump.


What about a simple backpack ?


That’s the beauty of my Victorinox rolling luggage, it converts to a backpack.

I wouldn’t want to camp with it, but it helps when you’re in a hurry and need to run for the gate.


Nice, the thing with rolling luggage is they’re useless and impractical outside an airport. Especially when you live in a city with a lot of stairs or paved roads. So yeah, this convertible luggage seems like a good idea but if I had it I think I’d just keep it on my back…

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It’s great in Europe with the cobblestones, but sometimes you get smooth sidewalks in transit hubs and the like and the wheels make things easier.

Mine is coming to the end of it’s life after about 15 years. I’m really sad about replacing it.