Why carry a grappling hook in your luggage?


If I needed a grappling hook I’d get one of Tom Sachs’ ones :slight_smile: http://www.tomsachs.org/item/grappling-hooker

The question remains: why carry a grappling hook in your luggage? Especially one advertised as “Not for climbing” ?

I guess it’s handy if you want to hang something on display in a hurry?

EDIT: Clicking the link reveals that it is “absurd” and legitimately useful “to retrieve things from rooftops and trees”.

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Most importantly, who cares?

The real question is, why not?


Clearly an old-school adventure gamer. When in doubt, carry it with you. Yes, even the chewed up gum and rancid mayo. You never know.


That design is horrible. Why have the rope end be the cap? What is this I don’t even.

And the 10’ pole is just too bulky for commuting…

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Waste of good metal?


When I was young I wanted a Batman Utility Belt, with all the cool stuff it contained.
As an adult working as a Union Stagetech in movies and theater, I made one.
Daily I carried a tool belt with all the things I may need for that daily job.Claw hammer, C wrench, 4 in 1 screwdriver, mini pry bar,flashlight, Gaff tape, electrical tape, double head nails, impact screw gun and zip screws when needed, on and on.
For rigging about 30 meters of 550 cord and a fish weight on the end to throw over beams to pull up a real climbing rope or cables.
Though retired now, I think I need one of these.
Thanks John and Mark.


You, quite obviously.

And the other eight people in this thread (including you)? No, I don’t care. This thread is dumb dumb dumb.

is your question about this awesome tool, about the contents of this interesting bag overall, or maybe about what your hosts have chosen to provide you free of charge,? or is it actually a meta comment regarding your own… was that posturing?

i say the 4th choice, but thats just my opinion.

I think I’m going to call this behaviour from now on “posturbating”. Thanks for the inspiration.


Love the “it’s not very popular so it’s no good” argument.

Calls to mind the recent discussion about how the metrics that have been driving the quality of internet content creation to the ground (think of the tabloidy, buzzfeedy clickbaity slideshowy style that is becoming the norm) are, well, bullshit.

To roughly paraphrase someone else, “thinking a larger number of people ‘engaging’ means the content is better is like thinking TV Guide was higher quality writing than the New York Times because it used to be read by 20 times more people”.

Googling for “micro grappling hook” reveals that they’re supposedly used in Iraq for remotely setting off IED trip wires.

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Carrying a grappling hook in your luggage makes no sense to me. Every scenario I can imagine where I would find myself in sudden need of a grappling hook requires that I find it in my pocket.

Spoiler Alert! You left out the critical quote. (Rot13 for the non-tl;dr folks)
*V ernyyl fubhyqa’g pneel vg. Ohg V zhfg, qhr gb n
cnpg V znqr jvgu zl grrantrq frys gb nyjnlf or fhcre sernxvat njrfbzr nf
na nqhyg. *

Seems like a perfectly adequate reason to me :slight_smile:

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