Ron DeSantis' terrifying Disney delusions are mocked in new ad (video)

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I wonder who the Republican Accountability folks are supporting for POTUS given that the two most likely candidates to get the nomination are too fascist even for folks who are used to supporting the GOP.


I doubt it will be Biden, even if the ads indirectly help him. According to Teh Wiki they’re a bunch of neoCons like The Lincoln Project people: Republicans who don’t like how the MAGAts are screwing with their sweet racket.


Purely based on “name recognition” and well-demonstrated blandness and no outright criminality, I can’t see anyone other than Pence’s name popping up for consideration, much less outright support. GOP support seems to be focused more on remaining silent and allowing anti-Biden hate speech and conspiracy theories to run; when you have no access to a well-sharpened sword, try to at least blunt the other person’s weapon.


Wow. No one mentioned the new GQP transparent-skin-see-the-skull unwoke female aesthetic. Are we at a new event horizon?


Now you mention it - it kind of explains Kelly-Ann Conway.


That wasn’t a really coherent ad. It’s not clear to me what they’re trying to sell us.


This ad isn’t going to land the way people think it will. The GQP people that believe Desantis will absolutely read this ad as a justification for what he’s doing. This is, effectively, a pro Desantis ad.

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Once this hypothetical Ariel was up at the surface, would she puff up à la blobfish?

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