Ron DeSantis tanks as Donald Trump leaps ahead in Morning Consult poll

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Yes, he’s a doltish weirdo, but Tromp’s being “attacked by commie Democrats” hurts DeSatan too. The more Tromp faces accountability for his many crimes, the more that reinforces the narrative that he’s a hero who’s under attack.

Bizarre thing is, Biden would probably have an easier time beating Tromp than he would most of the other Republicans running or planning to run. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


I don’t even know who he’s trying to woo here. He’s presenting himself as an alternative to Trump, but he’s also joining the GOP supplicants saying Trump is being treated unfairly and promising to pardon Trump if elected. Anyone who agrees with those ideas is already voting for Trump.


Dang. I want a close race so that they can publicly rip each other and the party in to bloody shreds.


maybe we will get to see that anyway. it’s a long time until next fall, with plenty of court appearances in between.


I don’t think this bozo has committed nearly enough treason to garner serious Republican support.


link for the bbs


That’s because when Trump called Morning Consult to ask them to find another 11,000 votes, someone obliged him.


That goes for almost all of the GOP field at this point. The only logic I can see behind the “Trump is awesome! Vote for me!” strategy is that they’re hoping against hope that some outside force or act of god removes him as a contender and that all his followers will then flock to them.

Based on actuarial tables it’s not too unlikely that he could actually have a serious health event during the primaries, but we all know that we’re just not that lucky.


I just wish we lived in a country where none of these demagogues had a chance at the White House.


Let’s not copy their language. It’s not a virus anyway. These are grown people who consciously decided they want to stand on the side of fascism.


I think he thinks people will care about the fact that he actually gets things done, ala all the shit laws in his state. On policy and political power, he’s very accomplished in Florida. Logically, if you are far right, DeSantis is a better pick if you want someone who might actually get terrible laws passed on the federal level.

But it’s a cult. How competent Trump isn’t, or how accomplished DeSantis is, doesn’t matter. You’re not going to take over Trump’s followers until the guy is dead (or possibly find someone even more charismatic to his base, but DeSantis is not that.) I shudder to think if we get someone who has the same charisma/cult of personality of Trump and focused on right wing policies like DeSantis who could actually change a lot of Federal law.


I was hoping that DeSatan would get the R nod and then Drumf, in a fit of sheet pettiness, would run as a third party candidate and dilute the vote.


It’s truly amazing how the GOP can claim the indictment is “election interference” while at the same time cheering how it’s boosted Trump in the polls.


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