Ron DeSantis has fallen so low, Chris Christie is now second to Trump in New Hampshire

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“In this race, MoRon was passed by Chris Christie.” I am trying to parse this sentence, but the visual in my head makes me giggle, and I just can’t get past that. :rofl:


The Simpsons GIF by MOODMAN


Like a painful kidney stone. :+1:


Florida is stuck with him until 2026, right? He’s going to be unloading all sorts of vindictive wrath on what’s left of that state.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that he asked Disney to please cancel their lawsuit because, in his opinion, they will lose? Despite them having the force of both Florida law and the actual Constitution on their side? Disney is a horrible monolith that has stifled creative thought and underpaid their awesomely enthusiastic workers forever, but I will join in with the others and cheer when they use him as a doormat in the case.


I don’t get it. You mean, like, a fat joke about Christie?


that it is

Well, can we not?


Meanwhile, in a hypothetical 2024 race between Trump and Biden, “Biden leads Trump 48% to 41%, while 7% would vote for someone else, and 4% are undecided.”

and this, dear folks, is the reason that no-actual-intention-to-win third party (manchin, RJKjr “No Labels” evil schemes are such cause for concern -sigh- (although, Pollyanna sez: RJKjr would attract more idiots on the right than the left)


Weird. This happened in the comments in another post, and I wrote a long reply about how if we start doing this in one thread, and basically ignore the “First Commandment” of the BBS, it’ll become normalized. Like, if we regard the First Commandment as

Don’t post or encourage insulting, bullying, victim-blaming, racist, sexist, violent, homophobic or transphobic remarks.*
unless it’s someone we don’t like

then we normalize a behavior that is non-welcoming.

I deleted the comment because it seems like it would derail the thread.

But, hey, maybe you’d consider deleting or re-writing your comment? Shaming someone, even someone we don’t like, for their bodyweight sets a non-welcoming tone for mutants here. There are pretty effective ways to insult Christie (Hey! Looks like he’s burned his bridges with Trump!) without resorting to personal insults.



  • Just because Bill Cosby is a POS doesn’t mean we should make racist jokes about him
  • Just because MTG is a POS doesn’t mean we should make sexist jokes about her
  • Just because Roman Polanski is a POS doesn’t mean we should make antisemitic jokes about him
  • Just because Chris Christie is a POS doesn’t mean we should make fat jokes about him

Get the idea?


I guess DeSantis’ strategy of “wait until they get to know me” didn’t work out quite as he expected.


Christie has been living in NH for months- if he can’t move the needle there - he knows he’s toast.


What’s interesting in all this is it seems to be showing that the MAGAts aren’t primarily interested in the fascism, otherwise a “smarter fascist” like DeSantis would be capturing more of Trump’s supporters. Instead his “war on woke” is fizzling and Trump retains his supporters. It really seems like Trump’s primary appeal is in his thuggish bullying, upon which his followers can project their own targets - i.e. they like that he’s normalized being an asshole - rather than any particular ideology. At worst they don’t mind the fascism, though. If Trump was gone, DeSantis would surely gain some of Trump’s supporters, but clearly fewer than I would have previously assumed.


Couldn’t happen to a nicer charmless gorm.


That being said, it will never not amuse me that Ron’s so ashamed at being short that he wears lifted boots.

  • Biden 48% - I understand these people.
  • Trump 48% - I understand these people too. Some large chunk are a cult, and the rest are “R no matter what and nothing else matters”.
  • someone else 7% - This feels like the “Biden isn’t progressive enough protest” and “unwilling to vote D and nothing else matters, but not strong enough to vote for Trump”.
  • undecided 4% - Who are these people and what are the waiting for? Do they need an actual conviction to make up their minds?

I dislike both “nothing else matters” groups and the “not enough” group. The undecided I don’t even understand enough to dislike. They’re like alien creatures whose thought process is so different I cannot fathom how it works.

Increasing turn out, as always, seems to be the answer. I want to say, along with convincing the “nothing else matters” groups to just not vote at all. But, discouraging voting should never be the answer.


Hey guys, DeSantis is about to turn his whole campaign around with this sure-fire debate strategy:

The sad part is that these strategists are probably correct that the primary voters have absolutely no interest in hearing what the candidates’ policy positions actually are:


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