Rooster runs like excited dog to greet his human mom when she comes home (video)

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Affectionate chickens are hilarious and that one is a charmer. I’ve been fortunate enough to have shared space with a few. This is my Lil Dude and his barncat sidekick, who had just run all the way down my 1500’ driveway when they realized I was digging a drainage culvert without their very important supervisory skills.

LD was a bantam, so he used to wait until the bigger birds were distracted and then come round when he could get my sole attention and exclusive access to the snacks I always carry. That often meant hearing my car and running like hell to meet me before the other birds saw. When he fell to a fox last year I was distraught. I still get sad when he’s not waiting in the drive, or when I find myself with a slightly overripe cherry tomato and nobody to share it with.


I love this! I ran a small egg factory in my backyard for a few years. It gradually transitioned into an elderly hens retirement lodge. My 7 year old girls still gift me a few eggs when the weather is just right for them, but the main benefit for me is having them repay my care with something that looks like gratitude, if not love. I dunno. They run to greet me, and it warms my heart every time. Werner Herzog is probably right about the profound stupidity of chickens, but I’m a bit stupid myself.


Awww, and he was a real beauty, too. All healing to you. :hugs:

Handsome but mean rooster at end:

All About :sparkles: Brad :sparkles:

Karen’s at least as mean, and waaaaaaaay biggerer!


I may not be a smart chicken, but I know what love is!

– Forrest Gasconne


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