Rooster vs. cobra: who wins?


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Apparently, Nat Geo under Murdoch control is condoning cock fights. Place your bets at



Roosters are great. We had a bantam rooster a few years ago that tore the crap out of a coyote that had attacked our flock. There were actually three coyotes and he went after all of them. I wouldn’t have believed it if i hadn’t seen it happen.


Roosters’ ancestors were dinosaurs… so…



Rooster vs. cobra

Wasn’t that a Stallone movie?


And bantams are just wee things, but fierce! They’re the Nac Mac Feegle of chickens.

My bantam Elliott took on a hawk once, lived to crow about it. Bantam chickens rock.


I’m gonna’ say, Rooster.
Doesn’t he have guns ‘n’ shit.
Now I’m going to watch the video.


What if it wasn’t a baby cobra?
I’d still go with the rooster.

He ate it alive… what a baddass.


“Yeah, they come to snuff the rooster”


Yeah, we refer to the chickens as our little raptors.

And no, there is nothing more darkly amusing than watching chickens fight over some remnant fried chicken scraps.


The video was awesome, i’m somehow almost as impressed at the method used to show vertically-filmed smartphone video though :stuck_out_tongue:


Why is it that the rooster can survive eating the cobra, if the venom that’s in its body is so lethal?


Guessing the difference is between digestion and injection. Stomach acid must break down the poisonous compound before it is absorbed into the body then blood. Vs injection where it directly enters the blood stream and usually starts paralyzing things like your heart. Not sure how cobra venom works.


Sounds legit.


venom in a stomach is considerably less dangerous than venom injected into a bloodstream. Though i’d guess it depends on the type of venom here.


Christ, what a cock.

12 yr old in me couldn’t resist


Gah, beat me to it, plus explained it better to boot :slight_smile:


Why is a deadly cobra so tiny? That’s not great.


I had this song to my mind while I was watching the video


What’s he doing in there?