Rope removed from urethra



A knotty problem, indeed.

Dr. Dong! Hehe!

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The article does not specify Dr. Dong’s given name…

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Must’ve been a boring day at the Ministry of Truth.

RE: OP removed ‘e’ from my ethra.

I’m not really a doctor - but I play one in the dungeon.

How many doctors had a go at it till surgery was decided on.

[Insert “pushing rope” joke here]

[surgically remove “pushing rope” joke here}

That patient knew who to go to.

the real feat was tying the knots in the rope after it was inserted! that beats knotting cherry stems in your mouth any day. too bad the report doesn’t say if he was skipping rope alone or doing double dutch.

in the USA the guy would have claimed he was skipping rope naked and fell on the rope! :slight_smile:

at least he didn’t get it stuck in one of those “finger traps”…

Don´t be discouraged by the lack of appreciation for your ropey pun. You´ll be able to ensnare people with your remarks soon enough, once you learn the ropes to effective comedy.

The Mudshark

How do we know he didn’t DRINK the rope, hmmm? And if he did, might he have had a good reason, hmmm?

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