Rosario Dawson goofing around as Ahsoka Tano is buckets of fun

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Sound effects are everythang? And ear piercing! How does one adjust the sound volume on Instagram videos??

She’s not just goofing around; she’s practicing for the Ahsoka spin-off series.

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This.…toasts… bread…while you"re slicing it.

Source: Youtube clip from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, film, based on the series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, radio 1978-80, books 1979-92, stories by Douglas Adams, clip uploaded by user Youtube Chase Fromm on 2018 11 12

I love seeing actors enjoying being goofs with their characters. This clip reminds me of my dream multi tool, a mini lightsaber that I can use to make toast anywhere I want. Also, if lightsabers could exist there would be a lot of accidents.


As someone only tangentially interested in Star Wars, this is still a mystery to me: is the thing on Ahsoka’s head hair or a hat?

Neither. They’re sensory organs.


Too many vwams, not enough bzzts.

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Ashoka of India killed more people at once than any other (it’s said) then regretted, then converted to vegetarianism. Called the father of vegism though Pythagoras is also. Some people can’t eat beans.

Remember that lawsuit that alleged that Dawson and her family misgendered and physically assaulted a man in their employ? It was dismissed in May. The court would not reschedule a physical exam, despite them being diagnosed with Covid. So I guess Dawson is in the clear.

Rosario Dawson can be my Ahsoka Tano any time. Fhrrrrrp! Fhrrrrrrp! Crackle! Fhrrrp!

I meant it more in the “part of her” / “fashion item” sense. I have my answer now, thanks!

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