Behind the scenes footage of Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano

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Ahsoka Tano

This was by far the best episode of Mandalorian, in my humble opine.


Off-topic, but does anyone think the character of Mando sound like it’s being voiced by Timothy Olyphant rather than Pedro Pascal?

Sounds like Pedro Pascal to me. I don’t think he sounds too much different with the helmet off. :woman_shrugging:

@Papasan: Ahsoka is the most popular SW character in our house, this episode delivered everything we hoped for with live-action Ahsoka. Casting Rosario Dawson was perfect.


Knowing it Pascal, it’s always seemed uncomfortable how bland and flat an accent he is effecting. Much like there is usually no trace of the Pascal inside the physical armor (it being a body double), there’s just no trace of Pascal in the voice. Other actors, like Bill Burr, made no such effort to “void out” their personal speech affect.

Ahsoka is one of the best reasons to watch the Clone Wars, for sure. seeing Rosario bring her to life was one of the best things out of the Mandalorian this season. i still get chills. looking very forward to where she brings the story from here.


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