Ahsoka's 'The Mandalorian' fight synced to 'Barracuda'

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Okay, I really loved that one. But I loved that whole scene and her reveal, and really look forward to her future series.


Fixed that for ya…

i thought it was going to be her lightsaber FIGHT – this was her earlier in the episode, and there was no fight there, she just kicked ass and didn’t bother with names. <3

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Meh. Kinda lame.

I love, love, love this portrayal of Ahsoka. Dave Flloni (who created the character along with George Lucas) talked about how surreal it is to have a character he invented portrayed in real life so well. If you haven’t watched the behind-the-scenes conversations on Disney+ about that, I highly recommend them.

I cannot wait for the series, and I have to give credit where it’s due - I wouldn’t have a clue about how amazing a character Ahsoka truly is if I hadn’t taken @jlw’s repeated advice to watch the Clone Wars (and subsequently Rebels) in the first place.


Knowing Rosario Dawson did her research and fully understood how much Ashoka means to many fans just made her performance even better. Her upcoming show is my most anticipated new SW property.


Absolutely. Her performance was uncanny.

Upon her introduction, my partner commented that “Ashoka is on my screen. She is Ahsoka, full stop” - and the only way that happens is with the level of research and dedication Rosario Dawson put into her portrayal.


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