Rowling blames COVID, not her prolific transphobic statements, for falling profits

She’ll probably get shares for mates rates.


I do feel for people who were invested in her world, only to abandon it as a money maker for genocide. Especially trans fans who saw something in it.

But Rowling? Yeah, the only things I care about her misfortunes is how much they help others, and if they are self-inflected or ironic enough to feel proper Freude over (not sure it’s still even Schaden).


Fiends and family.


Oddly, i’m finding some of the old HP fanfiction i’ve stumbled upon over the years to now be much better.

Same general vibe, but without Rowlings toxiticy in the background*

*I now realise i gave a lot of ‘benefit of the doubt’ for suspect story themes in the original books. Some of the fanfictions now are quite superior :slight_smile:

Completely done with Rowling now though.


That’s all good, but art’s as much an interaction with its audience as its creator, and it hits important, formative points for other people, which it’s now coming into conflict with. Whatever its shortcomings, it generated much of that value whether intended or not, and in some ways, art is what art does.

It’s also complemented by a bunch of actors going forward with trans-support work, and they have a strong say in what it means to them.

I get it that you were never a fan, but then it’s not really talking about you anyways. You’re not in a spot to talk about what it meant to people and what they took from it.

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I think you inadvertently highlight what I like about the world she created, and that is the work the actors and the fans put into it. That I respect.

And you’re right in one way, Leonard Nimoy’s Spock already talked to me, helped an awkward kid who didn’t fit in find a way to cope. By the time Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone had hit the shelves, I was already a die-hard Trekkie who loved most fantasy tales, spant too many evenings playing AD&D, and identified with GURPS Illuminati University. Time Lords were my wizards.

I get that.

My daughter is a die-hard Slytherin, and I respect that as well. I enjoy the world, but the writing, the writing just wasn’t there for me.

Sorry, I seem to be rambling. But my point is I respect you. Not J. K, Rowling, but YOU. You’re a good person.


At the intersection with Horizont Alley? Yeah, I think so.


Rowling blames COVID, not her prolific transphobic statements, for falling profits


Even though I have the street number, I still can’t find None Sequenti Alley.

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… or maybe after 26 years it’s not going to be the new cool thing anymore regardless :thinking:


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