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I want to move back to RSS. I am Too Online.

Does anyone have suggestions? I am willing to pay money, but I’d prefer a one time fee over a subscription. Open Source is cool too.

I will trade free and open source for paid if it means the reader is only on my desktop.

(I have an iOS phone, we don’t have the freedoms you droid people have :wink: )

Suggestions on sites with RSS you enjoy also appreciated.

I have been using the same feed reader for 4 years now (on Windows). The first year I got a free upgrade to the next version, since them they have released two more versions, but I have seen no need to update, as the few new features were not attractive to me.

I make use of its plugin system to call outside scripts that let me do things like convert any page to a feed, this way I can subscribe to almost anything and handle it all from the comfort of a single hub.

It says I have saved 7376 hours, by it may easily have been multiple times of that, as I think this statistic is counting only the number of check and ignoring the number of automatically filtered articles.

I think there are privacy benefits too with running your own feed reader instead of using a cloud, subscription-based, one. For example, being able to use multiple proxies for different sites to make sure no single ISP has all your metadata.

So I agree you are on the right track.

My setup is very customized to my needs, gluing a lot of different parts to make them work well with each other, so I have never seen anyone else with a similar setup, but, if you can code, it should be possible to roll your own setup. If you can’t, consider learning. Albeit, if your needs are not as extreme as mine, some off-the-shelf programs should be enough.

You may want to update since they probably did security fixes.

I can code but I’d rather find something that meets my (relatively simple) needs that’s open source and maybe contribute to that rather than write a bunch of python to glue together random stuff

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