Rudy Giuliani: 'I needed Yovanovitch out of the way. She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody'

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I’m so glad that they’re so stupid.

Subpoena the MF. He’s not a lawyer, he’s an agent who is getting money from oligarchs and crooks.



In a rational world, where facts and evidence meant something, all that would be needed to get ⊥rump out of office would be to allow Rudy Giuliani to speak unhindered for 15 minutes in front of the Senate.

We do not live in that world, however.


Rudy Giuliani: ‘I needed Yovanovitch out of the way. She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody’



It’s hard to be consistent if you can’t remember what you said the last time you opened your gob. Thank goodness that truth isn’t truth.


Hey! Look over there, it’s Rudy doing tricks!

If the traditional wisdom is to keep your eyes on the ball, I’m afraid that most of 'murica lost focus months ago. Which is the point of all this.


I still don’t understand why they thought that they needed to smear Yovanovitch. Trump could have recalled her at any time for any reason and replaced her with some flunky, no questions asked.

Did they think that they had to signal to the Russians that they would even attack their own honest diplomats? Were they simply too stupid and venal to not do the stupid and obviously venal thing?

Please explain.


I needed Yovanovitch out of the way. She was going to make the investigations difficult for everybody

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the former racket-busting US Attorney and mayor of NYC. This is what 40 years in the GOP and associating with the likes of Il Douche results in.

It’s a mobster mentality*, a way of signaling to everyone (including other gangsters like Putin who are sometimes allies and sometimes rivals) the terrible price of a subordinate being disloyal to the regime. It is not enough that the person be fired, but her reputation needs to be destroyed as well.

[* or a fascist one. Same diff.]


Why did they think they needed a foriegn government to investigate Biden when they control the DOJ?

It’s a bunch of conspiracy minded scumbags who’ve never done anything on the up and up. When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a complicated blackmail scheme with plausible deniability.


I think it’s really hard to get our heads around how incredibly stupid and short-sighted these people are in certain respects but how brilliant they are in others, specifically the ways they can manipulate the narrative.

They smeared Yovanovitch to lay the ground work for discrediting any criticism of Trump or Giuliani, same as making the FBI investigation of Trump about Page and Strzok instead of Trump’s misdeeds. It works hand in glove with their propaganda wing at Fox et al, and…voila…the real story for half the country is how corrupt and terrible all these public servants are that are saying bad things about the President.


No, from the Trump-kool-aid-drinking crowd this makes perfect sense-- he specified that “she’s corrupt”, so that seals it. Or are you libruls in favor of corruption? Once you’re down that rabbit hole the tendency is to keep digging deeper.

They don’t have to prove she’s corrupt, they just have to spit it out to cover Trump’s own corruption (see also: Hillary Clinton.)



So today is Tuesday. The last felony-impeachable offense happened this weekend. So I guess the jack-holes in fly-over-country are going to start arguing about this and how shit-hole Giuliani was right because Biden Jr.

Quick poll: who is suffering from dementia more? Trump, Giuliani, or trumpeters?

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Trump likely has some combination of dementia and narcissistic sociopathy so it’s hard to parse out how much of his behavior is due to one or the other.

Giuliani isn’t senile so much as on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Trump’s followers are self-deluded zealots.


I’m an advocate for psychosis caused by long term stimulant abuse.


Agree with you %66.6 repeating but not this one. Giuliani seems to be suffering from either dementia or some kind of substance abuse issue, both of which are horrible to deal with.

Resign, retire, and get some help before you end up incarcerated.

Incarcerated is where you should be.


One reason I lean toward “narcissistic sociopathy” as a primary explanation for his behavior rather than a medical condition driven by age, illness or drugs is that unlike Giuliani Trump has always been this way. His recent behavior isn’t a clear decline so much as the latest public manifestations of a lifelong personality disorder.


Oh Guiliani has absolutely always been this way. He just had more cause to keep his public image under control back in the day.

Its only recently that crazy balls has been accepted in the main stream, and until the late 00’s the guy was operating as a politician in an East Coast city. The crazy and the corruption was always rumored or squeaking out on the NYC area press. He just didn’t have much national visibility until after 9/11


Giuliani is basket full felonies. Indict him and get it over with.

In a sane world any prosecutor would read this, and immediately get this man under massive investigation for something. He’s basically screaming from the rooftops “hey! I’m a slimy lying shitweasel!”

This, unfortunately, is no longer that world. This utter tool will get away with this, in broad daylight. Because noone left with a spine runs anything. We just lock more children in camps, and the shitshow continues