Runner impales foot in booby trapped park


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There’s a special place in hell for whoever set these “traps.” That’s freaking terrifying.


Militant um… walkers?


Kids doing it for the lulz, I guess.

I hope they enjoy prison.


I also hope they get caught.

Over the last few months I’ve been increasing my walking to the point where I’m going out an average of 5 days a week for about 5 km. In the last month, I’ve added a short jog through the woods (about 0.3 km and increasing) in the middle of it. It’s a local path, not really maintained, and there are plenty of fallen branches, nice slick patches of mud, and that sort of thing all over the place. I’d like to think no one would do anything like this there, but I think I’m suddenly even more glad that I wear combat boots for my exercise!


This has “stupid teenage boy” written all over it.


and nobody is screaming terrorism yet?


O’Reilly comes on in seven hours…


In the cases of this I’ve seen, it’s often aimed at mountain bikers. People sometimes feel bikes shouldn’t be allowed on the trails.
It’s gross.


Or some passive-aggressive serial killer.


We don’t know the skin color and religion of the perpetrator(s) yet.

We do know the gender.


Probably a conflict between how hikers value a limited resource and how mountain bikers wish to use the resource.


Dozens of individually placed nails seems like a lot of effort for ‘stupid’.

Maybe I just suck at pointless, petty, destruction; but I’d definitely need some sort of more specific motivation to go to that sort of hassle, especially if I had to do it off-hours to avoid detection.


‘Stupid’ never runs out of energy.

Exhibit A: YouTube


AKA “psychopaths”


So that was well-thought out…


It’s unclear from your comment if you meant to imply that mountain bikers don’t value the resource they utilize.
My experience is that mountain bikers are, on the whole, serious supporters of the preservation of open spaces. Just like hikers.


If the reason you like green spaces is the chance to hike, quietly, in the woods in an approximation of solitude, the last thing you want is to be run over by some yahoo in a vehicle. There’s a sense of proprietorship-- this is my spot, and there’s “none like it,” and it was reserved for people like me, seeking respite from the city.

Maybe it’s not logical. Maybe it goes against the spirit of sharing, but since these spaces are so rare, it can feel like something’s been taken away when it’s been put to a novel conflicting use.

Here’s an article that examines this conflict


In Vancouver on the North Shore, someone set a number of dangerous traps on a popular bike route, and was caught thanks to hidden cameras eventually.


Happened in NJ too. Conclusion was anti mountain bikers.