Runner likes to draw giant dicks in the streets with fitness tracker




Buena Vista Park seems an appropriate choice for inclusion in the first picture.


The discipline and planning required are amazing.


Looks really hard to do!


Some people just chew ice cubes


“Way to run it. How did you feel?”

Pretty much like a dick.


Dicks are silly. Just ask any naked guy, most of whom will have a sheepish grin due to the fact that dicks are kinda silly.


I like that she “teabagged” the Japanese Tea Garden


This is the true ultimate use of any technology.

Hopefully the runner will move onto more sophisticamacated images.


Skywriting drones. Thousands and thousands of skywriting drones drawing dicks everywhere, unless you send me ONE MILLION DOLLARS.


UK cyclists may enjoy this ride in Brighton.


The Etch-A-Sketch company (Ohio Art) should make an app that specifically supports this kind of activity.

Well, not drawing dicks. Just drawing in general. Maybe even let kids collaborate on city-wide art projects by merging routes.


She comes off a little cocky, but it’s still great performance art.


I’m puzzled. His scrotum is full of thumb tacks?


a kindred spirit, i think


Something tells me that he doesn’t just do it for the fresh air.


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