Rush Limbaugh's cousin pissed on his grave

One of my family shames is that we are related to Rush Limbaugh. According to my grandfather, Rush was always a real piece of shit, even as a kid. As a queer person, I knew I had to pay my cousin his proper respect. Enjoy!


I don’t care who it is, in my opinion, it’s disrespectful, not to the guy in the ground but to the cemetery and everyone else buried there.

I get the sentiment, I just think it’s wrong.

Side note, for as much money and ego as he had that’s not much of a grave site. It might be near his parents or relatives so he might have been limited in what he could do I just expected a memorial like no other.

I’m holding for trump.

It’s gonna be a gusher.

To @tcg550 's point, there will be nobody around his golf course grave worth a shit.


If someone dropped a deuce I’d feel bad for the groundskeepers who had to clean it up but an occasional tinkle probably isn’t going to ruin any bystander’s day as long as the tinkler aims carefully.

I’d be much more horrified by the prospect of someone I cared about being buried near Rush Limbaugh.



He spent his career pissing on people while they were still alive.



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