Russia Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov meets with Tillerson and Trump. Get a load of this transcript


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Putin to Lavrov: Remember to act surprised.



Man, what a difference watching the video makes… The tone I got from the transcript was that he might actually be concerned– but the look he gives in the video… Lavrov is a complete fucking asshole.


After the second “You are kidding?!” he looked like he shook his head in disgust. Not the kind of news you want to hear before a closed-door meeting.


I look at those two and the first thing that pops into my head is “mother fuckers”.


he thinks the reporter is Fake Newsing him.


At least there is the implication that Russia didn’t ask for Comey’s head. I guess.


Putin wanted to show Hillary Clinton that the USA was every bit the bullshit faux-democracy she said Russia was.

Mission accomplished.


I took the “You are kidding!” to mean, “We came out here to pose for photos, not to answer questions. And you do what we tell you to do, nothing more, nothing less. Why are you acting like you don’t know that?!”

(And why are those cameras still so deafening? Aren’t they all digital now? Surely those are simulated shutter sounds that could be shut off?)


“Idiot! He was told to wait until Thursday! This throws off whole sched—I mean, who is this ‘Comey?’”


(And why are those cameras still so deafening? Aren’t they all digital now? Surely those are simulated shutter sounds that could be shut off?)

Not to derail, but… digital camera just means that the sensor is digital (replacing film). The shutter still has to open and close to capture the light. There are some cameras w/out shutters (cellphones for example) that turn on and off the sensor to capture the light, but for now you’re gonna get better quality shots using the shutter.


Digital SLR cameras still have a mechanical shutter.


Got it, thanks!


Either that or he is genuinely surprised that they’d make such a clumsy and obvious move. When Putin and his gang do these things, they either go full-out obvious with the polonium tea and the blunt force trauma or they force the inconvenient official/editor/oligarch/etc. to resign “voluntarily.” And they don’t spook as easily as these skittish clowns do.


“Serious” photographers still use DSLRs and are very touchy on that subject.
The sound is the mirror slapping up and down.


You’re always going to get that because without a real shutter you can’t get a proper noise floor for the sensor. You can only reliably identify noisy pixels in total darkness.


So…qualified to negotiate with Trump then?
I got the impression, rightly or wrongly, that he was disgusted at being asked a question about a US internal matter which, as foreign minister, he isn’t allowed to comment on publicly. Lavrov, whatever his faults, is a trained diplomat and he was being asked a question outside diplomatic protocol. After dealing with John Kerry, who is a real diplomat and knows that stuff, he’s now dealing with two businessmen who don’t know the rules.
He shouldn’t have reacted, though. A wooden “I’m afraid I’m not competent to discuss that” would have been appropriate. But he may genuinely have been shocked at learning it from a journalist and not through official channels.


I wonder if there will come a time where the Russians regret their decision to involve themselves with the Trump administration in a “what have we done???” sort of way?


I admit I have no idea what his actual reaction is. Was this news conference so soon after the firing that he didn’t know? It seems there’s no way he wouldn’t have been told beforehand…but with Trump who knows? Maybe his head shake at the end is honestly “how could they not have told me in advance? This bunch is so incompetent!”