Troll of the year: Putin offers to release transcript of Trump's meeting with Russian diplomats


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I can’t even be mad. That’s pretty funny.


I wonder if there are tapes?


One of the funniest bits about this claim is the implication that Putin would know what information Trump shared was marked “Classified.”


For a veteran of the secret police, this must be the culmination of a career.


In Soviet Russia, memos leak you.



According to early reports there were but the reports were based on a bad translation:

“…The word запись (zapis’) in Russian can mean either an audio or video recording, or a written record or transcript. And as an aide to Putin explained after the Russian president had made the remarks at a press conference, such a meeting with a foreign leader would have included a stenographer but not an audio recording. “The record [запись] is done by someone who is at the talks specifically for that purpose,” he said (link in Russian).” QuartzMedia

Of course there were tapes… /s


I seem to remember some moment in Obama’s presidency where Obama was talking to Putin about how the US could help Russia with some computer issue they were experiencing and Putin got salty with something like “Russia does not need the US to solve its problems.”

This seems like Putin has had revenge for that.


If it was in the President’s Daily Brief document, then it was probably classified. The whole point of those is to keep the president up-to-date on the latest sensitive stuff. What would be the point of including information that could be transmitted safely over unsecured channels?


It would be funnier if he offered to release audio tape.


I find it interesting that Putin now feels comfortable jumping into the game. I’m guessing that it became just too irresistible for him. So sweet are the spoils! Putin’s overt participation today is a key event in this continuing saga.


Sharing. Whom do I credit?


Right, but my point is “how would Putin know if the information Trump shared with his guys had come from his daily intelligence briefing?” The only way Putin could declare with confidence that Trump didn’t share classified information is if Putin could somehow review all the intel Trump was getting and compare that to the information he shared.


What would be really funny would be if one or the other side actually made an audio tape of the meeting, as opposed to recording it on their phone or whatever. Although, wouldn’t it be more appropriately Russian to use a wire recorder?


Some dude on Tumblr, who I’ve not the foggiest.


This just in from Putin “Just ignore blacked out parts, those are inconsequential.”


The article uses the word “significant”, not “classified”. My take is that Trump shared something “classified” that the Russians already knew about.


Of course the Russians have a transcript. Likely recordings as well. An underreported aspect of Trump’s meeting with the Russians is that the U.S. media was excluded, while the Russian state-run media was welcomed with open arms. So typical of our Autocrat in Chief.


Even if that was the case it wouldn’t be much of an excuse.

PLANNERS: Don’t tell Susie about the surprise party.
TRUMP: Hey Susie, I can’t wait to attend your surprise party this Saturday and also Israel has a mole in the ISIS cell in Mosul.
SUSIE: It’s OK, I kind of guessed you guys might be planning something for Saturday.
TRUMP: See? No big deal.