Russia mocks Trump's attempt to 'break' World Health Organization

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It used to be that when the US and Russia (USSR) had a disagreement you could look at both statements and just decipher the Cold War verbage for what it was. When they agreed, it was noteworthy and signalled a thawing in relations.

Now with Trump as President and Putin pulling his strings in some manner, it’s all back-asswards. When they disagree it’s noteworthy. Why are they disagreeing? Who knows. Are they coordinating the disagreement? Did Putin tell Trump to attack the WHO so Russia could look reasonable by comparison? Are they dividing an conquering? Is Putin just trying to make Trump look stupid? Why does he even have to try?

The gamesmanship here is a lot more random and complicated, and changes day to day it seems.


It’s no longer a game of chess. Chess has a winner. If you change to checkers mid game, suddenly it’s a whole new game. Then switch the rules to parcheesi. Next, backgammon. Back to chess. Darts! Twister! Jarts! Connect four. Chess again. Red light, green light.



I believe Trump has done more to weaken the “Soft Power” of the US more than any other president in modern history.


Perhaps rootin’ tootin’ vladimir putin has finally realized its useful idiot is a useless idiot. So hard to tell.


“Russia’s ally China” ??? Hardly, Russia and China have been anything but allies. In the past they were openly hostile to each other. The current situation could possibly be described as detente, but not as allies.

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Maybe Poppa Vlad will tell Donny to knock it off and be useful for once?

Vlad & Co. ambition is to diminish the appearance of the United States role in international leadership, dissolve our global alliances, and divide us internally.
This appears to be right out of that playbook.


If I offer to kidnap Don the Con and hand him over the Poppa Vlad for some spankings, will I be in any sort of legal trouble?

So, Putin ordered Trump to diss WHO (in order to even further distance and enrage US allies), then mocks him for doing so in order to give Trump a prop from which he can ‘demonstrate’ that he’s not Russia’s dupe. Just beautiful.


“But Vlad, I was winning… So much wonderful winning, Winning like you wouldn’t believe…”

In my version of “The Squire of Gothos” DJT plays Trelane and VP is Trelane’s Father,

Well, Vlad the Trumpaler was boss of the FSB, so this is what he trained for and trained others to do.
Although, he’s proving more successful with Angry Tinkerbell than he was trying to carry out covert assassinations here in the UK.

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