Russian asbestos firm loves Trump


This is so fucked. My best friend died a few years ago from mesothelioma. He was 28.


I’m curious, how was he exposed to asbestos? Or was it one of those fluke cases not related?


They never really found out. He was young, and a motorcycle mechanic, and from Texas.
NYT magazine did a pretty sad and amazing article that talks about his story if you want to cut some onions.


Did some more reading and here’s what I found out. Use of any of the listed asbestos containing categories of products, which it seems had been grandfathered in, are no longer considering existing uses. Anyone desiring to use these products must submit a request for approval for a “Significant New Use”. These categories of products are Arc Chutes, Beater-Add Gaskets, Extruded Sealant Tape and Other Tape, Filler for Acetylene Cylinders, Hi-Grade Electrical Paper, Millboard, Missile Liner, Adhesives, Sealants, and Roof and Non-Roof Coatings, Pipeline Wrap, Reinforced Plastics, Roofing Felt, Separators in Fuel Cells and Batteries, Vinyl-Asbestos Floor Tile, and Any Other Building Materials (other than cement). Any other proposed use would be considered a “New Use” and therefore prohibited.


I will have to read later. Do brake pads have asbestos? I thought some of do, or did at least.


There are applications in industry for asbestos without practical alternatives. But we generally handle it as a dangerous substance. It does not belong in any residential or consumer application.

If the EPA and OSHA had some teeth we could expect proper procedures for handling the stuff, and fines when businesses fail to do so. Instead we get the wild west with the biggest dope running things.


I don’t know if they still do, but perhaps the name means something. Ever hear of Raybestos brake pads?


According to the filing some aftermarket and oil rig brake pads contain asbestos.


I mean, Christ. Even China has banned it.


Given his Truther leanings I’m surprised he hasn’t just gone and just declassified everything showing how 9/11 was an inside job.


I wonder how other countries manage, then? Exception rules?


They avoid certain industries involving high refractory materials. They end up buying parts manufactured in countries with less strict laws.


OH those are actually made or old Rays.


Interestingly I bet that graphic was made as a pro-Trump image. They are getting out the vote based on fighting against impeachment, and the fact that it reads “Vote Democrat” is pretty telling, it’s the preferred usage of Republicans for the last 20 years (and Trump took credit for it recently)


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