Russian man crashes armored personnel carrier into shop to steal booze


In internyet Russia, stereotype fight you :wink:





“Armored personnel carrier”? Naw, man, that’s clearly a tank :stuck_out_tongue:


only once you add a cannon, strictly speaking.


Witnesses visible in the footage did not seemed particularly disturbed by the incident.

Russians DGAF.


More likely it is the other way around.


Just so long as he didn’t drive it on the sidewalk, because


Google Trans is not your friend. :wink:

“Если бы не эти надоедливые дети, мне удалось бы.”

Looks like a BMP, btw. Боевая машина пехоты. Infantry war wagon.


Actually that looks like an MT-LB, so most probably it is not even an armored personnel carrier. It is described in Wikipedia as a “multi-purpose fully amphibious auxiliary armoured tracked vehicle” and was/is frequently used to tow artillery pieces or carry other weapon systems.


Spacebo, tovarisch!


He had to drive onto the sidewalk to get to the window. :wink:


Russia man, Russia man
Russia man hates Florida man
They have a fight, Russia wins
Russia man


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